Jane Austen Mug

Sharpie + Dollar Store mugs + Bake at 350 for 30 mins = easiest personalization ever. You can even use super cheap mugs from the dollar store to create gifts or party favors. Just draw on the surface of your mug and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.


Items similar to Vintage Tea Cups Collage Poster Print - pink backgound on Etsy

Soup and cracker mugs. Genius! Plus..that tomato soup looks great!

Soup & Cracker Mugs: Soup bowls with a built-in cracker holder.chips and dip, veggies and hummus (or ranch), apples and PB, etc etc


Good Morning Beautiful/Handsome mugs. So cute! I could have my coffee, he could have his tea.

Great colors! Pantone mugs

Pantone Espresso set - Reds and Pinks Enjoy your espresso in one of six colourful mugs.


Dear friends…

LOVE these teacups! Creativi-tea, Tranquili-tea, Simplici-tea, Sinceri-tea, Sereni-tea and Prosperi-tea.

beautiful mugs!

Explore Anthropologie’s unique collection mugs and teacups that make the perfect gift. Shop monogram mugs to floral mugs and more.


these are GREAT gifts for a bridal shower or wedding gift! my husband and i still drink our coffee out of our black & white monogrammed anthro mugs!

These ar great mugs! Keep your drinks cold or warm...neat with the tin!

Della Terra Wedding from Jenna Walker Photographers + Plum Sage Flowers

These ar great mugs! Keep your drinks cold or warm.neat with the tin!