Joe Bologna's Restaurant

120 west Maxwell street Lexington, Ky. Italian restaurant
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Bacon pizza! Bacon Pizza, Kentucky, French Toast, Breakfast, Morning Coffee
Bacon pizza!
Breadsticks! Breadsticks, Griddle Pan, Grill Pan, Restaurants, Dining
Pepperoni extra cheese Extra Cheese, Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni extra cheese
Yummmmm Yummmmm, Favorite Things, Beef, Meat
Joe Bs Tshirt Lexington, Joes
Joe Bs Tshirt
Four cheese! Hawaiian Pizza, Cheese Pizza
Four cheese!
Everything! Vegetable Pizza, Vegetables, Vegetable Recipes
Sicilian crust cheese! Sicilian, Food Illustrations, Crust, Cravings, Dinner
Sicilian crust cheese!
Heavenly pizza! Heavenly
Heavenly pizza!
Chocolate cake candy bar icing! Candy Bar, Chocolate Cake, Icing, Desserts, Chicolate Cake, Tailgate Desserts, Chocolate Cobbler, Deserts
Chocolate cake candy bar icing!
Sicilian crust! Casseroles, Casserole Dishes, Casserole
Sicilian crust!
Meat lasagna! Meat Lasagna, Beef Lasagne
Meat lasagna!
Large pepperoni pizza! Pizza Recipes Dough, Large
Large pepperoni pizza!
Thin crust coming out the oven! Thin Crust, Oven
Thin crust coming out the oven!