High speed photography of a water balloon being popped.

Beautiful and creative photos of exploding water balloons captured by talented photographer Edward Horsford. Rubber balloons were filled with colored water. Then, each balloon was popped and photographed using high speed photography.

Floating Bed

This is one way to keep your tent up out of rain puddles, but probably pretty sketchy in a windstorm. Suspended tent, can be made from old trampoline or similar hoop. - Floating Round Hanging Bed With Waterproof Tent For Camping Or Outdoor Use

John & Paul

A young John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, before Brian Epstein did away with their rock n roll quiffs! Love this pic

eye in the sky

eye in the sky I'm getting this tattooed on my left shoulder I love it, it looks amazing. To me it will look like if it is only shoulder on the very top that the eye will be looking up at the sky LOVE IT

Optical illusion

There are no black dots! All the dots are white but the sharp contrasts combined with your eye movements trick your brain into thinking you are seeing jumping black dots

16 Things You Didn't Know Your Android Could Do. I'll need to pin this now and remember it for later.

16 Things You Didn't Know Your Android Could Do

fractal art

Fractal math used to create a neon effect glowing purple pink zinnia type flower reflected in the waters.

Reptil / Argentina by JohannRela, via Flickr

Reptil / Argentina by Juan Ignacio Rela. Photo taken in Buenos Aires,Argentina

1940s, Little Beatles

The Beatles when they were kids From Top left to bottom right: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr


Fractal shapes similar to the ones I experienced after smoking DMT - phenomial! - ill see how my dmt has begun flowing tonight just fell asleep for 1 minute or so and saw a man coming running with a wheelbarrow alongside a farmhouse.

Smoked Garlic Cheese Sausage Recipe

An excellent recipe for a unique sausage you and your family will love! The smoky garlic and cheese flavors combine to really make your mouth water.