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Reading aloud is not just for younger students. Learn why it's so important to do with adolescents as well.

Check out this activity to learn how to make a sensory penguin inspired by Penguins Love Colors, a picture book by Sarah Aspinall. Simple language, colorful pages, and painting penguins make this book ideal for guiding kids ages two to six in making their own pokable, squishable, touchable projects! You can purchase the book at #kidcrafts #scholastic #penguins #scholasticreadingclub

It can be a challenge to teach on eating disorders, especially to middle school and high school students who sometimes struggle with body image. This guide, written by a middle school teacher, reveals to dos and don’ts of handling this tricky topic. Our favorite tip: “DON’T demonize obesity. DO teach kids to love and take care of the body they’re in.” | #lifeskills #health #teaching #highschool #middleschol # classroom #activity #education #teacher #advice #bodyimage

When faced with instances of bullying, this teacher took action by using SEL (Social-emotional learning) and teaching her students to stand up to hate with kindness activities. Read her story now and bring her advice to your middle or high school classroom. | #teacher #advice #highschool #middleschool #classroom #SEL #lifeskills #health #trolls

Are you using and storing medicines safely in your home? The OTC Medicine Safety program can help.

Printable Kindness Cards

Teacher Grants, Contests, and Freebies for Winter

Encourage your middle school students to enter #ScholasticScope’s fabulous fiction writing contest! Your class could win BIG prizes!

Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Winter Book Picks: Little-known figures from black history, plus an interview with A Long Pitch Home author Natalie Dias Lorenzi.