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Vintage Scholastic

Vintage Scholastic

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Hi There Scholastic! A news magazine circa 1959 = perfect #throwbackthursday find! #tbt

The first issue of The Western Pennsylvania Scholastic, published October 22, 1920

  • Al the Green Rain Train
    Al the Green Rain Train

    How do I get my newly published book "Al the Green Rain Train" on a Scholastic board, or Paper ??? thank you Al

  • Al the Green Rain Train
    Al the Green Rain Train

    How do I get my newly published Book on your board "Al the Green Rain Train"???? thank you Al

Scholastic's story began with a four-page magazine called "The Scholastic"...

Punky Brewster graces the cover of a 1986 issue of Dynamite.

  • Dawnmarie McDaniel
    Dawnmarie McDaniel

    She was such a cutie.

  • erika ru
    erika ru

    I remember this!

  • Bevin Deak
    Bevin Deak

    Aw Brandon! :)

  • Jessica @ Chick Lit Cafe
    Jessica @ Chick Lit Cafe

    Punky power!!!

  • Stephanie Hale
    Stephanie Hale

    I so remember this!!!

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Clifford's Halloween (published in 1966)

1966 My Favorite Year: Clifford
  • Kim Crayne
    Kim Crayne

    I have this book! :-)

  • Out to Eat with Kids
    Out to Eat with Kids

    wow. this brings back wonderful memories.

Dynamite Magazine featuring Rick Springfield. Talk about a flashback!

  • Monika Melsha
    Monika Melsha

    I had that issue!

  • Brook Gideon
    Brook Gideon

    hee hee me too!

  • Kim Crayne
    Kim Crayne

    He's hardly changed! LOL! :-)

  • Lisa Sutton
    Lisa Sutton

    I had this one!

Scholastic News from the 80s

Scholastic News - 80s style

  • Home Educating Family
    Home Educating Family

    I think I read some of these back in the day! Jenny

Scholastic Book Clubs order form from November 1990. (I love the featured Baby-sitters Club book!)

  • AK Stout
    AK Stout

    I loved these so much!

  • Sara Haaf
    Sara Haaf

    I probably ordered half the stuff off of it!! I'd always have at least 10 books from every order. I had almost every calvin and hobbes book and wish I still had them, it'll be expensive to replace them all..

  • Carla Dawson
    Carla Dawson

    YES! Great Memories!

LUCKY from May-June 1976

Merry Christmas from Scholastic Inc.

  • Angela Westfall
    Angela Westfall

    I LOVE this book! I got it in the 2nd grade for 99cents. It got lost in all my moving as I got older. A few years ago I found another copy for much more than 99cents but am so happy to have it back

Dynamite from 1985

LUCKY cover from March 1976

The Night Before Christmas Scholastic booklet from 1973

A Scholastic Book Clubs flyer from 1984

Available titles continued (1961)

Scholastic Book Services' available titles, circa 1961.

  • margaret catanese
    margaret catanese

    irish red!!!! i remember hurrying home from school to read that book. i loved getting those scholastic books. loved!

The back cover of Silver Saddles. Check out our old logo!

A Scholastic book from 1965. (If only books still cost 45 cents...)

Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You by Barthe DeClements

  • Jessica @ Chick Lit Cafe
    Jessica @ Chick Lit Cafe

    Oh wow! This takes me back.

  • Stephanie Hale
    Stephanie Hale

    Can't wait for my daughter to read this one.

  • Nicole A
    Nicole A

    loved this book

Another Louis Sachar favorite: Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School.

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements. A middle-school must!

  • Jessica @ Chick Lit Cafe
    Jessica @ Chick Lit Cafe

    Loved this book! I thought those girls were soooo cool.

  • Stephanie Hale
    Stephanie Hale

    I still have my copy too!

  • Sarafina's Kitchen
    Sarafina's Kitchen

    Holy cow!!! Forgot about this!!

The Sleepover Friends series

  • Stephanie Hale
    Stephanie Hale

    I loved the Sleepover Friends. My daughter is reading them now.

Sixth Grade Secrets by Louis Sachar was DEFINITELY one of my favorite books!