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Cover Your Cough

Realistic 3-D Cupcakes!

Realistic 3-D Cupcake

An Activity for School-Age Children: Children can create an animal-inspired coil pot to treasure for years to come.

Animal Effigy Coil Pottery

An Activity for Toddlers: Let children experiment with creating negative space in art!

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Planet Spectacular

Free Activities, English Fav

Adjectives and Me!

An Activity for Preschoolers: Use salt to add an exciting, snowy effect to paintings!

Discount School Supply - Snow Paint

An Activity for Preschoolers: A fun, eco-friendly activity to reinforce what children have learned about snakes and to build team-work. Goals: Reinforce study about snakes. Learn to identify patterns. Use recycled materials to create a creative piece of artwork. Develop a sense of team work in building something together. Use fine motor skills to practice tying knots or twist pipe cleaners.

Discount School Supply - Recycled Super Snake

An Activity for Preschoolers: Learn about a majestic animal while creating your own polar bear portrait! Goals: -To learn about an endangered species -To encourage creativity -To practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Discount School Supply - Polar Bears

Egg Carton Snowmen! An Activity for Preschoolers:This cool winter activity will have children using several household items to create personalized, Eco-friendly snowmen.

Discount School Supply - Egg Carton Snowmen

Pinwheel Bugs!

Discount School Supply - Pinwheel Bugs

Little Ants Finger Art: An Activity for Preschoolers. Creating little ants provides a fun sensory activity to help children grasp the first letter of the alphabet!

Discount School Supply - Little Ants Finger Art

Introduce magnetism to young learners with this magnetic manipulation activity!

Discount School Supply - Magnetic Manipulation

Family Handprints is a fun activity for toddlers. This activity provides an excellent opportunity to bring a family or classroom together and capture a moment in time—perfect for the back-to-school season!

Discount School Supply - Family Handprints

Shaving Cream Painting!

Blog — The Teachers' Lounge

Activity Idea: Father's Day Canvas Hand prints! #Fathersday

Discount School Supply - Father's Day Canvas Handprints

Artsy Parenting! Craft and Connect: Seed Suncatchers — The Teachers' Lounge

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Watercolor Silhouette!

Discount School Supply - Watercolor Silhouette

Clothespin Caterpillars!

Clothespin Caterpillars

Valentine's Day "Monsters!"

Discount School Supply - Valentine's Day Monster

Painting with Nature. An Activity for Preschoolers: Find and use interesting natural items to paint a picture!

Discount School Supply - Painting With Nature

An Activity for Preschoolers: Turn paper plates into crabs and allow children to create their own creature!

Discount School Supply - Crabby Art

Children love sculpting with this slimy, slithery texture – but it's not for eating!

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Gelatin Giggles! Watch as the various colors "bleed" in, out and around the see-through gelatin!

Discount School Supply - Gelatin Giggles