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    • 59 Pins - Kid Style Snowman An Activity for Preschoolers: Create a fun snowman companion! Goals: To create a winter character for dramatic play To encourage individual creativity To develop fine and gross motor skills

    Kid Style Snowman

    Discount School Supply - Earth Bottles - An Activity for Toddlers: Bring pieces of the Earth from your own backyard into your students' homes with these stylish and esthetic Earth Bottles.

    Earth Bottles

    Discount School Supply - Yellow Star, Yellow Star - Yellow Star, Yellow Star Activity An Activity for Preschoolers: Shape and color recognition are key for toddlers and preschoolers. This simple activity can be adapted to any shape and helps children recognize shapes and colors easily. Goals: Shape and color recognition.

    Yellow Star, Yellow Star

    Discount School Supply - Cone Christmas Trees An Activity for Preschoolers: These 3-D Christmas trees are a fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays! Goals: To create a winter holiday craft To create a three-dimensional artwork To decorate and experiment creatively

    Cone Christmas Trees

    At this time of the year, we usually reflect on the past year and what we have accomplished. This feeling usually precedes the beginning of the year when resolutions are made. I’ve also noticed lately how winter scenes very often depict some type of reflection. Coincidence? I’m not sure, but it has put me in a reflective mood.

    Topics in Early Childhood Education: Reflection

    Toddlers use tape to create amazing effects in their art. Goals: * To explore cause and effect * To practice fine motor skills * To participate in a hands-on sensory activity Before You Start: Gather materials needed: paint in multiple colors, masking or painter's tape, cardstock or heavy painting paper, paint brushes. Let's Get Started! Step 1. Apply tape to the paper in the desired design. Step 2. Use fingers or painting tools to paint over the tape. Step 3. Carefully r...

    Craft Activities: Tape Art

    Personalized Deer: An Activity for Preschoolers: Make wonderful keepsakes or gifts with minimal cost! Goals: To create a fun, inexpensive seasonal craft To let children explore the sense of touch through art

    Personalized Deer

    An Activity for School-Age Children: What better way to decorate your table this Hanukkah season than with a centerpiece you have designed yourself. With a white place mat, felt, some fabric paint, and a candle flame sponge, you can design a wonderful centerpiece to decorate your table for all the nights of Hanukkah. And, as an extra bonus, you can "light" a candle on your centerpiece every night with a bit of yellow fabric paint.

    Hanukkah Table Centerpiece

    An Activity for Toddlers: Children get hands on with colorful feathers in this fun activity!

    Feather Friends

    An Activity for School-Age Children: Children can create an animal-inspired coil pot to treasure for years to come.

    Animal Effigy Coil Pottery

    Discount School Supply - Turkey Picture Frame

    Turkey Picture Frame

    An Activity for Toddlers!

    Hedgie Hedgehog

    Cover Your Cough

    Realistic 3-D Cupcakes!

    Realistic 3-D Cupcake

    An Activity for School-Age Children: Children can create an animal-inspired coil pot to treasure for years to come.

    Animal Effigy Coil Pottery

    An Activity for Toddlers: Let children experiment with creating negative space in art!

    Pinned from

    Discount School Supply - A Sure Sign of Spring

    A Sure Sign of Spring

    Planet Spectacular

    Describe me with adjectives

    Adjectives and Me!

    An Activity for Preschoolers: Use salt to add an exciting, snowy effect to paintings!

    Discount School Supply - Snow Paint

    An Activity for Preschoolers: A fun, eco-friendly activity to reinforce what children have learned about snakes and to build team-work. Goals: Reinforce study about snakes. Learn to identify patterns. Use recycled materials to create a creative piece of artwork. Develop a sense of team work in building something together. Use fine motor skills to practice tying knots or twist pipe cleaners.

    Discount School Supply - Recycled Super Snake

    An Activity for Preschoolers: Learn about a majestic animal while creating your own polar bear portrait! Goals: -To learn about an endangered species -To encourage creativity -To practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

    Discount School Supply - Polar Bears

    Egg Carton Snowmen! An Activity for Preschoolers:This cool winter activity will have children using several household items to create personalized, Eco-friendly snowmen.

    Discount School Supply - Egg Carton Snowmen

    Pinwheel Bugs!

    Discount School Supply - Pinwheel Bugs

    Little Ants Finger Art: An Activity for Preschoolers. Creating little ants provides a fun sensory activity to help children grasp the first letter of the alphabet!

    Discount School Supply - Little Ants Finger Art