pinstripes would really dress this up

alright, this is kinda awesome! winter time hoodie-snuggie-onesie I Want for snowboarding


guns & roses<--- cute, and probably more useful- or at least fun- than a "pretty floral bonnet" :) I like it.


want some shorts with studs on them or something. Michaels probably has some studs and then you just cut an old pair of jeans! Glue the studs on and VOALA (or however you spell that. My shorts just won't be that short.

that's not creepy at all...nope...not one bit.

Funny pictures about Dads have the best Halloween ideas. Oh, and cool pics about Dads have the best Halloween ideas. Also, Dads have the best Halloween ideas.

It would come alive at night and eat your face off.  But it would be very comfortable.

Well, this chair is definitely one of the creepier pieces of furniture I’ve ever saw. By looking at this chair I don’t know what to do, to laugh, or to be terrified. It might look comfy but the design is to odd for my taste. Collect this idea


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! Grumpy Cat Nipple Tassles

Do Not Want: Grumpy Cat Nipple Tassels Are An Abomination

Um... Moo..bang

Funny pictures about Hoof Heels. Oh, and cool pics about Hoof Heels. Also, Hoof Heels.

Jesus Christo.

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