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Judie Aronson

Toys From The 70S

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Tupperware Zoo Animal Toys-Grandma T's house!

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had one of these

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didn't we all have these?!

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Do you remember these fancy bathroom products from the 1960s?

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Tommee Tippee cup I had one as a child in the 50's, and my kids had them in the '80's - the weighted bottom kept the cup from tipping over


so remember these!

Vintage Metal Ice Cube Tray

Made a lot of those :]

Crocheted Art & Yarn Bombing Inspire Fuzzy Feelings

.Makes me think of my dad. :)

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the overhead projector. I totally remember these in school.


Waterfulls...They had little plastic rings or beads that you propelled through the water to land on a plastic peg or into a hole on the walls of the games.

Toys of the Eighties, Waterfulls

The pinner said: roll of caps - we'd pop them with a hammer on the sidewalk We always used our rolls in our cap guns.

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Rear Door Ashtray - remember ash trays in cars???!!?!?!?!?

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Vintage kantwet playpen | eBay

S Green Stamps - I remember my mom asking us to lick & stick the stamps into little booklets, which were redeemed for goods at a redemption center.

How many of you remember S & H Green Stamps?

vO5 Hot Oil Treatment Videos - alberto VO5 hot oil Videos

oh my, do I remember these!

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Remember these were everywhere

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Sears Wishbook

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Riding horses outside stores

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The Playtex nurser...

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The first Barbie commercial 1959… I had this barbie

Retrogasm — The first Barbie commercial 1959…

Romper Room clown punching bag

Miss Barabara | Romper Room | Barbara Plummer

Gotta love Barbie shoes!!!

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