Creeping Phlox

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A dry creek bed design in the home landscape creates interest and provides planting space, and can also serve as a drainage area.

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Directing water away from house with shallow channel using river rock, use plants like dogwood shrub and fothergilla fill in the borders, along with hostas and alliums.

Good Read: ‘Landscaping Ideas That Work’

Ten flowers that will bloom all summer long

Top 10 Flowers That Bloom all Year - Pouted Online Magazine - Latest Design Trends, Creative Decorating Ideas, Stylish Interior Designs & Gift Ideas

I love hydrangeas. They make so many huge bloom and even the leaves are quite beautiful. We now have three in our garden. We started with one and through transplanted we have now multiplied it to three, in two different colors too. I really love the lavender color of our smallest one.

Transplanting Hydrangea, How One Grew into Three

GREAT tips on how to grow peonies!

Growing Peonies

Hydrangea Pruning Tips

Pruning Instructions for Crape Myrtle Tree

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular perennial garden shrubs, mostly due to their mesmerizing big flowers in pink, white ot blue color and nice foliage, even in autumn. They add a vintage charm to any garden. But they are not only beautiful, they are also easy to care for. What makes them fascinating is the ability to change the color of the flowers.

TOP 10 Tips on How to Plant, Grow and Care for Hydrangeas

Gorgeous Window box tips from The Lilypad Cottage

5 Tips for Gorgeous Window Boxes - The Lilypad Cottage

DIY concrete patio form - why didnt I think of this to make the big 3x3 patio "pavers" that I like

How to make a nice cement patio

Outside Concrete Countertop, perfect spot for the BBQ! This would work great on the "patio expansion" project!


Create a little drama on your deck with deck lighting installed on stair risers and railing lighting in the post caps. Learn how at

Outdoor Landscape Lighting | LED Path, Well, Spotlights

Dahlia Barn - How to dig, divide, and store your dahlias then plant in the spring

Dahlia Care | Dahlia Barn

Behr Deckover - All Things Heart and Home

Behr Deckover - All Things Heart and Home

How to grow a wildflower meadow in your garden. You can grow a wildflower patch in your garden - it works best on poor soil. Sow the flower seeds and water in. Check for weeds and water occasionally until they establish. Let them self-seed around at the end for flowers every year!

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Heuchera: • 'Brownies':chocolate;40cm • 'Cappuccino':brown;30cm • 'Caramel':caramel;40cm • 'Crème Brûlée':caramel w/ ocher;40cm • 'Ginger Ale':bronze yellow marbled;50cm • 'Marmalade':source yellow to orange brown;30cm • 'Mocha':dark brown-red;30cm • 'Peach Flambé':bronze;45cm • 'Pinot Gris':in spring orange marbled leaves, changing to silver / brown;35cm • 'Plumpudding':plum purple, shiny;50cm • 'Tiramisu':red marbled w/ yellow border, changs to yellow-green w/ red;30cm

Heuchera - Seasons

Kalanchoe luciae

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Cool Trick on How to Keep Potted Plants Moist - Sand and Sisal

Curb appeal is SO important when selling a property, so spotty grass won't help you get people inside. Try these great tips for getting a green lawn...FAST!

How to Grow Grass Fast

So useful right now: a visual guide to houseplants, according to their need for light.

23 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier

Tips for growing healthy succulents, how to grow succulents, and how to propagate succulents from cuttings and leaves via Needles + Leaves.

Tips for Growing Healthy Succulents

How to propagate succulents

Propagating Succulents

Garden Path Ideas

DIY Garden Path Ideas - daisymaebelle

How to cut Hydrangeas in one easy step so that they won't wilt. | In My Own Style

How to Cut Hydrangeas So They Won't Wilt - In My Own Style

Adorable Bright Yellow Hand Painted Rock Minion! He is Wearing a Dark Blue Jumper.

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