The Science Penguin
The Science Penguin
The Science Penguin

The Science Penguin

This penguin loves teaching science! My boards are devoted to helping elementary teachers find the best ideas. Have fun teaching!

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Experiment With Sound Waves

Neat way to experience sound waves (we also like striking a tuning fork and touching it to water, but that can get messy!)

The Question Board Classroom Management FREEBIE!

Are your students forgetting your routines or asking a zillion questions? Mine were! Until I tried this... Question Board! Classroom management for too many questions (Free- consider it a gift from my sanity to yours ;) )

Track Data from Assessments with this Simple (and FREE) Form

This post shares a FREE data tracking form that is perfect to use after assessments- formal or informal. This form is perfect to track data in an effective, time-saving way.

STEM Sports: End of the Year Fun

STEM Sports: I was inspired by the Summer Olympics to create this fun project with 5 STEM challenges! Your students will love it and learn a lot!

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