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Science Teacher Stuff

I hope you find some helpful science materials for elementary and middle school science!

Science Teacher Stuff

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Photos of my notebook for a unit on our solar system

Space Science Interactive Notebook Photos

How to do a Great Elementary Science Fair Project and Board Layout #Science #Teaching #Teach

FREE Earth Day Writing Prompts and Pages!

Fun Earth Day Writing Activities

Three Easter science activities

Easter Science Activities with Jelly Beans

Easter Jelly Bean Science: Identify the physical properties of a jelly bean. Mix them together in a group. Do the physical properties of the jelly bean change? Place the jelly bean in water. How do the physical properties of the jelly bean change?

Easter Science Activities with Jelly Beans

Pass the Germs! A great way to teach students how quickly germs spread.

Mrs. P's Specialties!: Pass the Germs!

Science Process Skills Notes: repeated trials notes

Science Process Skills Notes — The Science Penguin

FREE Green Tree Frog Download-- Last year we had a green tree frog for 2 weeks. Students completed this sheet based on what we observed.

Ecosystems Science Notebook Photos

Science Measurement Mini-Charts--great for student reference all year long! $

Science Measurement Mini-Charts

Kindergarten Science Notebook Activities-- fun printables for journals! $

Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook Activities

Students separate into groups to make a food chain using printed off cards. They learn the new vocabulary terms, then apply them to the food chains they made at the beginning of the lesson.

Ecosystems Science Notebook Photos

Using the Hour of Code in my classroom this year was a HUGE hit! The kids loved it and beg for more time :) It really is a fantastic introduction to computer coding.

Teaching in Room 6: Hour of Code

Classroom Management Solution: Reduce Downtime!

Classroom Management Solution: Reduce Downtime

Test Prep Timeline-- how I get ready for 5th Grade Science STAAR

Your Guide to 5th Grade Science STAAR

The Science Penguin: Time to Teach: Animal Adaptations

The Science Penguin: Time to Teach: Animal Adaptations

Skittles and the Scientific Method-- great review before Science Fair #sciencefair $

Skittles and the Scientific Method

10 Ideas to Teach Science Vocabulary-- word drawings, movement, demos, and more!

Science Solutions {Vocabulary} — The Science Penguin

Science Task Cards from The Science Penguin (Adaptations, Energy, Earth, Space, Human Body, Measurement, Matter, Ecosystems, Nature of Science, and Weather) $

Loving Science Task Cards

ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS by zenpencils: Science All-Stars! Click through for details about each scientist.

152. ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS: The science all-stars poster

30 Physical Science Exit Slips for Grades 3-5 $

I've Got It! Physical Science Exit Slips