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    I hope you find some helpful science materials for elementary and middle school science!

    Science Teacher Stuff

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    Fear Not! Advice for Output in Interactive Science Notebooks

    The Scary, Scary Output of Science Notebooks: Advice for Teachers — The Science Penguin

    Natural Resources Science Notebook Photos: Renewable Resources, Nonrenewable Resources, and Alternative Energy

    Natural Resources Notebook Photos

    The Science Penguin: Anchor Charts

    anchor charts Archives — The Science Penguin

    Science News Bulletin Board

    My life as a mother and teacher: Science News Bulletin Board

    Science Task Cards Bundle on TpT $ | The Science Penguin

    Science Task Cards Options and Bundle — The Science Penguin

    Teaching Output in Interactive Science Notebooks Video Series-- quality work, sentence stems, personal connection, quick write, & questions | The Science Penguin

    NEW: Science Notebooking Video — The Science Penguin

    I love this idea of labeling classroom items with information about science! The natural world is all around us, so let's point it out and use it as a motivation for kids to learn science concepts. MM

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    The Science Penguin: Science Solutions: Sequencing Guide

    Science Solutions: Sequencing Guide

    These illustrations show two things: the part of the moon that is lit by the sun at any given time AND how the moon appears from Earth. (Resources and Ideas for Moon Phases)

    7 Ideas to Teach Students about Moon Phases — The Science Penguin

    Erosion {A Science Stations Unit} $

    Science Stations Units from The Science Penguin

    Using Thinking Maps in Science: Bridge Map

    Science Thinking Maps

    Matter Science Notebook Pics: Volume of Irregular Objects

    New Notebook Blog Series: Properties of Matter — The Science Penguin

    My Interactive Science Notebook-- Free Editable Vocabulary Folder Download

    First Week: Setting Up Science Notebooks {Photos Galore!} — The Science Penguin

    Animal Adaptations: Shows how different organisms have to change to be better suited for their environement. This would be a good activity for Smart Board use or a computer activity.

    Animal Adaptations

    Thousands of students in 3rd-5th grade are using the All in One Science Notebook! Find it on TpT from The Science Penguin.

    Science Interactive Notebook All in One Bundle

    States of Matter Science Notebook: Sort and Output Activity

    New Notebook Blog Series: Properties of Matter — The Science Penguin

    Science Measurement Charts-- reference them all year

    Science Measurement Charts

    Skittles Experiment for teaching the scientific method-- back to school! $

    Skittles Experiment — The Science Penguin

    Back to School Science Interactive Notebook photos-- what to do the first 2 weeks! Very helpful!

    New Year, New Notebook Blog Series: Back to School Science Notebook Plan — The Science Penguin

    Browse by topic to see photos of my science notebook, find paid resources and freebies, and get lots of ideas!

    New Notebook Blog Series Archives — The Science Penguin

    Be ready for Back to School! Interactive Science Notebooks from The Science Penguin

    Thinking about starting Interactive Science Notebooks? — The Science Penguin

    Use sentence stems and blanks in your teacher notebook

    New Thoughts on Science Notebooks — The Science Penguin

    Using the 8 Thinking Maps in Science: Examples and Pics

    Science Thinking Maps

    Easy Prep-- Science Skill and Content Mini-Posters for upper elementary. Great review!

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    Interactive Notebooks and Departmentalized Teachers-- tips to make it easy for you!

    New Thoughts on Science Notebooks — The Science Penguin