The winners of Royal Society Publishing’s inaugural photography competition have been announced, and they’re extraordinary.

These Are the Most Spectacular Nature Photos of the Year

Amazing animal images that will give you a new appreciation of nature.

101 Animal Shots You'll Go Wild Over

Natures Doorways. I could spend hours looking at the nature photos on this site!

Natures Doorways

Tunicate~ Tunicates, commonly called sea squirts, are a group of marine animals that spend most of their lives attached to docks, rocks or the undersides of boats. To most people they look like small, colored blobs. It often comes as a surprise to learn that they are actually more closely related to vertebrates like ourselves than to most other invertebrate animals.

Flickriver: Most interesting photos tagged with tunicate

˚The eastern emerald elysia (Elysia chlorotica) Nudibranch Sea Slug photograph by Patrick J. Krug: An animal with chloroplasts!

Eastern Emerald Elysia (Elysia chlorotica) - Information on Eastern Emerald Elysia - Encyclopedia of Life

Actin (purple), microtubules (yellow), and nuclei (green) are labeled in these cells by immunofluorescence. This image won first place in the Nikon 2003 Small World photo competition.

Magnificent Microphotography: 50 Tiny Wonders

Igor Siwanowicz ~ Praying mantis; Source:

Biologia dos Insetos: Mantodea (louva-a-deus)

A gecko licks the morning dew off its eyeballs. This gecko is found on coastal sand dunes in Namibia. The nocturnal reptiles collect water on their eyeballs in the early morning when a mist bank descends as cool coastal air hits warm desert air. Then they lick it off to have a drink. It took photographer Isak Pretorius three days in to get the licking picture.

Review of the year: the cutest animal pictures of 2011

Sepioteuthis Squid

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Glass Squid has light organs on its eyes and possesses the ability to roll into a ball, like an aquatic hedgehog.

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Purple Jellyfish

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Blue Footed Booby, Galapagos Islands. So cute!

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Big kudu bull, photograph taken in South Africa | © Arno & Louise Wildlife Wow!

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Everglades National Park Photographs for Personal and/or Commercial Use

Everglades National Park Photographs for Commercial Use

The week in wildlife - in pictures. Cool.

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Maroon Blubber jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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General Sherman #Tree, #Sequoia National Park, #California

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Surface of a human tongue. I saw this and I thought wouldn't it be fun to have lots of these pics and have the kids guess what they were as as part of a Grossology program?

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Micrasterias furcata - final stage of cell division by Rogelio Moreno

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Amy Brown Science

Leafy #SeaDragon

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The translucent Pelagic Octopus #underwater #Pelagic Octopus

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Natures Doorways. I love the photos here!

Natures Doorways

Bald Eagles in Alaska

6 aguilas - Galerías ::

A great pic of a Glass Frog - more info here:

Glass Frog - 9GAG

Dinnertime at Columbus Zoo! Zoombezi Bay opens Saturday, May 18th!

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