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Introduction to Protein Synthesis by Frank Gregorio. This HD dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to protein synthesis in cells. It is designed as a motivational "trailer" to be shown by teachers in Biology classrooms in middle school, high school and college as a visual Introduction to this incredible biochemical process.

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DNA Replication Rap - YouTube

DNA Replication Rap

Free graphic organizers to accompany Watson and Crick's article on the discovery of DNA.

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Introduction to DNA - YouTube

DNA - What is DNA? - Basics of DNA

VCAC: Through the Virtual Cell -- A Guided Flythrough: A Closer Look: Mitochondria Great animations that show parts of the mitochondria and stages of cellular respiration! The ATP Synthase animation is the best I have found on the web.

VCAC: Through the Virtual Cell -- A Guided Flythrough: A Closer Look: Mitochondria

Genes can be turned on and off.

Genes can be turned on and off :: DNA from the Beginning

See how RNAs work like molecular machines in your cells by solving RNA puzzles.

RNA Lab | NOVA Labs | PBS

The Secret of Life - the DNA double Helix- how to explain it to 6 six year old May be good for world Down's day class discussion?


How to Explain DNA to Kids

Create a DNA Fingerprint the case of the licked lollipop, and you have to solve it. Fortunately, you have the latest forensic technology on your side: DNA profiling. This interactive feature guides you through the process of creating DNA profiles of several criminal suspects and tissue evidence left at the crime scene

Science Interactives

DNA transcription (basic detail) | HHMI BioInteractive

DNA transcription (basic detail) | HHMI's BioInteractive

Scientists map genes that extend life by as much as 60 percent if deleted

Scientists map genes that extend life by as much as 60 percent if deleted

genetics humor... what is happening to me?

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heheheh Genetics humor

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DNA. Berkeley Understanding Evolution. This is a great site for reviewing the concepts!

DNA: The molecular basis of mutations

"Why RNA is Just as Cool as DNA." DNA is always hogging the limelight. We're here to tell you why RNA is just as important (and as cool) as DNA! We'll compare and contrast RNA with DNA and also talk about the three types of RNA. This video sets the stage for protein synthesis.

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Cell Transcription and Translation | Science | Interactive | PBS LearningMedia

Cell Transcription and Translation

NOVA | Rosalind Franklin's Legacy

Rosalind Franklin's Legacy

Making a model of DNA is a great way to learn about how this magnificent structure builds our genes. Using common household materials, you can make your own model combining science and crafts for a great project. Select your candy. To make...

How to Make a Model of DNA Using Common Materials

Ancestral humans and their extinct relatives had much more DNA than do people today, a new study finds. It mapped genetic differences over time among 125 different human groups.

DNA: Our ancient ancestors had lots more

13 things you didn’t know about cells & DNA cells & DNA 1

Top 5 DNA Infographics

Understanding Genetics. Try your hand at DNA Roulette.

Understanding Genetics

Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Review PowerPoint: Mendel and the Gene Idea. This is not a teaching powerpoint. This powerpoint is suitable for Advanced Placement Biology classes that need a quick review over a particular topic.

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Silencing Genes. How and why scientists do it. These articles are wonderful for our biology classrooms. I love the vocabulary lists at the end!

Silencing genes — to understand them

Electrophoresis in your lab: A "how-to" article from Carolina Biological.

Fitting an Electrophoresis Lab into your Classroom