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A funny, illustrated blog that uses math and science to "explain" baffling parenting situations. Because raising kids defies all reason, logic and most of the laws of the universe.
Some sports we'd love to see at the Rio Games

Mom Olympics

Ha ha ha I totally relate to this and I think all moms r winners here cause we excel at "momolympics"

We share our most frantic moments! A Q&A with Julia Star Arnold of Frantic Mama

We chat with EvilJoySpeaks about fuzzy slippers v socks; favorite kid tunes and why all moms need Minecraft.

Sure, you may start out eating healthfully. Then kids happen. The Modern Parent's Dinner Devolution on HuffPost Parents

The Modern Parent's Dinner Devolution

Stage Nutritious, home-cooked meal made with ethically raised locavore meats, sustainable whole grains, and organic produce bought daily at the farmers' market.Stage The uneaten mac and cheese scraped from the kids' dinner plates.

Lost sock leads to worldwide climate change

Lost Sock Leads to Worldwide Climate Change

Meteorologists around the world are reporting a stunning climate change: Hell has frozen over.

Lunch-Boxing's got a new champion!

Lunch-Boxing Gets A New Champion!

Church Feminism Devouring Itself: Will the Last Woman Leaving Please Extinguish the Sanctuary Lamp?

PTO Pot Fundraiser Breaks All Records!

PTO Sells Pot To Raise Money for New School Building

Mom Arrested for Throwing Kid's "Masterpiece" In Trash

Mom Arrested For Throwing Child's Artwork In Garbage

Mom Arrested For Throwing Child's "Masterpiece" In Garbage

Boy sues parents for "longest name ever."

Boy Sues Parents For Giving Him "Longest Name Ever"

A Florida boy is seeking damages for repetitive motion injuries sustained while writing out his very long name.

The Liebers: Occam's Stroller: Or the Story of how Parenting Makes you Dumb

Parenting girls, becoming a dance mom, homeschooling mom, positive parenting mom, and learning to laugh through it.