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    Cute Funny sayings and pictures

    Cute Funny sayings and pictures

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    "And thus it was, a Fourth Age of Middle-earth began. And the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love, was ended.” - Love that part "eternally bound by friendship and love" :)

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    super disney heros

    Morning coffee (39 photos)

    Adult Humor: Let it be known

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    Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Some of these are hilarious!

    Laziest Thing You've Ever Done? - Seriously, For Real?

    Hahaha... there are many days during an Oklahoma summer where this joke is most definitely applicable!

    State Climatologist: “It’s Likely Much of Texas Will Still Be in Severe Drought” Next August, With Worse Water Shortages

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    Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

    My boyfriend is one of these few men. He puts up with my moodiness, and he makes sure to call me out when I go too far. I love him to death!

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    SOOO inappropriate, but...a little dirty humor never hurt anybody...much (42 Photos)

    A little dirty humor never hurt anybody...much (42 Photos)

    This Guy Just Made The Staff At Walmart Lose Their Minds… (Long But Worth It) - Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real?

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    Insomnia, SMILE, LG JJ

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    Long sleeve guy

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    Step right up everyone!!! I've got 'fuck you's' and 'fuck off's' and 'go fuck yourselves' drastically reduced!!!! FOR FREE!!!! There's enough fuckery here for everyfuckingbody!!!!

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    Sorry your vagina looks like a grenade went off at a deli counter.

    Mommysavers LOL Cards — LOL - Just for Fun

    Funny Pictures – 28 Pics

    Funny Pictures - 28 Pics

    Some e-cards to help pick you up - Photos - Downright Filthy - Funny Shit - The Rock

    Some e-cards to help pick you up

    Hilarious- this makes me think of SO many people!

    Chuck's Fun Page 2: Today's e-card blast

    Girls have unique powers; they get wet without water, bleed without injury and make boneless things hard.. | Thinking Of You Ecard |

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    When someone tells me I suck, I look at them, smile sweetly and say, 'Yes I do, and I do it very well thank you.'

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    Bwahahahahahaha!!! Now come on, that's just funny!

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    I find the most random, inappropriate things to be so funny. Cheers!

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    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #HN #JJ

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    Senior Irony: Six minutes to ascent to the second floor. "Wait, what did I come up here for again?"

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    I know what I'm writing in Clayton's card this year...

    The Funniest Father's Day Someecards

    Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 58 Pics

    Funny Picture Dump Of The Day - 58 Pics