Level It Books. App that tells you the DRA, gre, lexlile, and guided reading level just by scanning it!

Level It Books app - Finding the reading levels is as easy as scanning the ISBN on the back of your book. Within seconds, you will be viewing the Guided Reading (GR), DRA, Grade Level Equivalent (GLE), and/or Lexile levels for your books.

Lots of literacy and math station printables

ABC Station, Lots of literacy and math station printables. I like this letter matching activity, although I'd do it so they spell actual words.

Free Listening Response Sheets  (looks perfect for every couple chapters of family read-aloud to make sure it's sinking in!)

Free Listening Response Sheets

vowels & short vowel songs

The first line is horrid for the tune of the song. I changed it to "Vowels are letters that change their sound"--Vowel Poems for Short Vowels - First Grade Wow: Wonderful Word Work

print poems. highlight sight words. illustrate. read fluently. workshop center.

Ocean activities: From the website: "Here is a fun ocean song to the tune of take me out to the ball game. I also included a student copy for poetry journals.

Have your children make this cute tactile alphabet book to help them learn their letter sounds. Children will glue objects onto each letter page, which will help them become familiar with how each letter is formed as well as the sound each letter makes.

Alphabet Book - Tactile

Alphabet Tactile Book - Have your students make this cute tactile alphabet book to help them learn their letter sounds. Students will glue objects onto each

Kindergarten Faith : Be the Word, A Literacy Game

My students just love it when we get to play our " Be the Word " game using our large letter/sound flashcards. When we are in a large gro.

literacy center ideas...WOW! Tons of center ideas

Print sight words on address labels to stick on magnets, seasonal shaped cut-outs, etc. for use in literacy centers - Many, many more center ideas.

Verb tenses!!

Way to compare verb tenses and integrate science and language arts. I would have students write about the water cycle.