How to make a map by using dice.

How to make a map by using dice. Gonna need a lotta and and such (do those who don't play D&D 'd' stands for 'die' (singular for dice) and the number represents how many sides it has)

“Skyrim” facts. As an archer myself, I should totally go find her!

Once you find her though, you can't miss her

Angi the Archer - Skyrim Some of her tests are near impossible, especially the speed shooting over long distances hitting tiny targets-took me around 20 attempts thank goodness she has an endless supply of arrows to use

A Gamer Plays For... Sword Art Online | Log Horizon | No Game No Life

"Some people play games for entertainment, some people play for the sake of socializing, but mostly people play to escape this bullshit called reality"

This made me laugh way to hard in the middle of math xD

I remember the days you couldn't save your progress....and every time you would play you would get stuck at the same spot! Thank god for memory cards and CPUs!

I can just hear her going "haha, it's just not fair! I pressed jump!"<---lol so true! I'm looking at you sans you annoying final boss!

It can't be only me

It can't be only me

Maybe you shot in the place where there is less damage and the enemy shot you in the place where there is high damage