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I'm a pink Carnie, a clean Carnie ... maybe I'm not really a Carnie

Bohemian Circus ~wingdthing “ New sculpt for the week of One of a kind polymer clay fantasy sculpture by Nicole West. For all those Emilie Autumn fans. I’m thinking.

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Halloween-costuming-revamping, rearranging: consider having students make a headdress that is then worn/modeled in their alter ego project. Really, an alter-ego headdress.

Années 1910 Col plastron dentelle de Bruges par SergineBroallier

Vintage Plastron Collar lace Bruges cotton Closed by 3 small snaps Excellent condition Clean, no marks. White width across shoulders cm height cm

tumblr_o1koy6Zxo71uyq3fso1_500.jpg (500×500)

tumblr_o1koy6Zxo71uyq3fso1_500.jpg (500×500)