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Kindergarten Learning Activities

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Kindergarten Learning Activities

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Addition and Subtraction Bundle Worksheets, Centers, and Strategy Posters

This fun and interactive product includes 6 activities and a BONUS number line visual. Laminate these cards and use with a dry erase marker and have them for years to come. Children can work on 1:1 correspondence 0-10 and number identification, in a fun way that will make them want to learn.

Now with 140+ pages, this packet contains ready-to-go printables to engage your students during guided reading. Each activity is differentiated (high, middle, low) to meet the needs of your class and may be used with ANY books. Teacher notes are included.

Right to the Core - Lessons for Kindergarten Teachers

Celebrate the end of the school year by helping your young writers create a special memory book (with matching diplomas) $

This product includes 13 poems for Spring. Each 4-line poem includes the poem written on sentence strips for a pocket chart, in 1/4 pages to teach the poem with pictures and to put in book form, a key vocabulary word list, a page in black and white for students to color and work with in guided reading, and a final page that can be projected or printed for students in color. Great for sightwords, letter recognition, fluency and COW.

Fun, Colorful Scales To Help Children Identify And Discuss Emotions. I have made them in 2 sets (High Color and Low Color) and in 4 varieties to offer you choice and flexibility in how you wish to use them. Laminate these and have them for years to come. So many ways to use these. Have Fun!

Insect Bundle (184 Pages) (Literacy and Math Unit, Opinion Writing, Read and Writes, Emergent Readers, Addition and Subtraction Problems with Manipulatives) $

I hope you and your students enjoy this FREEBIE! PLEASE leave me some love/ feedback! -- Thanks

Scrambled Sentences are great for morning work, homework, or center time. This bundle includes 302 pages of fun.$

Emotions Scales Positive and Negative Scales and Activities Great Colorful Emotions Visuals! KID TESTED/TEACHER APPROVED! Fun, Colorful Scales To Help Children Identify And Discuss Emotions. I have made them in 2 sets (High Color and Low Color) and in 4 varieties to offer you choice and flexibility in how you wish to use them. Laminate these and have them for years to come. So many ways to use these.

Interactive Recess Behaviors Activity Improve Recess Behaviors, KID TESTED/TEACHER APPROVED! Recess is an important time in the lives of school children. It is a time to release energy, get fresh air and sunshine, and engage in social skills with others. For many children, however, recess can be a difficult time. This activity includes fun ways to teach children who struggle to engage appropriately with their peers during recess.

Sight Word Groups Included in this Activity Pack are: Unit 1 can we the Unit 2 can like we Unit 3 like go see Unit 4 see to have Unit 5 have is play Unit 6 are for you Unit 7 do and this Unit 8 here said was Unit 9 she said look Unit 10 me where my

$ Telling Time with Fairy Tales Task Cards Time to hour, half-hour, and quarter hour for K-2.

$ These cards are non-reader friendly! All children will be able to participate in graphing activities due to the picture prompts so this can easily be used for PK students too!! There are a total of 30 Prompt Cards which equates to 6 weeks of graphing!!! You can use these cards as a daily morning warm-up where children come in and place their name on the graph. OR, you can use the Prompt and Label Cards as part of a center, part of whole group instruction or even as part of your small group instruction. Cards start out with simple yes/no answers (a total of 15 cards). Graphing questions eventually become more complex where children have an either/or choice, to the level where there are black line masters for children to color and cut out their choices of items and graph them accordingly.

$ Original Songs and Poems About Butterflies and Caterpillars {Written by Susan Paul}, Sung to Traditional Tunes These songs/poems can be used as Shared Reading lessons and then placed into centers after students are familiar with them. Color and black and white versions are included for your printing preferences. Songs include: PrettyButterfly sung to “Up on the Rooftop” - teaches life cycle of a butterfly Fly, Fly Butterfly, sung to “Skip to My Lou” Five Little Butterflies – Fingerplay with picture cards to use in a pocket chart or make stick puppets. See the Little Butterfly, sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Springtime, sung to “Where is Thumpkin” Wake Up Mr. Caterpillar! Fingerplay for butterfly life cycle Five Little Caterpillars, sung to “Five Baby Ducks” or just chant. Picture cards for pocket chart center or to make stick puppets. Hungry Caterpillar, sung to “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”. A companion to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Picture cards for pocket chart center or stick puppets. Cards are provided with visual clues to help your little ones. This is a whole group activity that can be placed in a center after everyone has learned the song/finger play etc. If you teach 1st-2nd grade, the songs are also great for teaching about the life cycle of the butterfly for your butterfly unit!

FREE! Thought-Provoking posters with sayings about time. Excellent for higher-level thinking discussions/thinking. Can be used with all grade levels all the way through high school! Choose the posters that are appropriate for your grade level and/or maturity level of your students.

A fun and engaging way for students to practice counting tally marks and comparing numbers; $

Life Cycle of a Butterfly! Activities for grades K-3! Flipbook, anchor charts, and lots of easy activities to add to your unit!

Looking to incorporate your writing standards into your science curriculum? This is all you need. There is enough pressure to learn the new common core standard as it is and then fit all you need to teach in a day. This packet makes it easy to combine the science curriculum for kindergarten with the writing expectations of the common core.Included in the packet isStandards and books suggestions p.3-4Science Notebook Cover p.5Science notebook content p 6-18Use weather chart to chart weather pa...

Your students have accomplished so much this year. It’s time to present them with these exciting certificates, promoting them to 1st grade. This product comes with matching invitations to invite parents to that special end of the year ceremony. These unique and fun certificates and invitations are guaranteed to become part of a parent’s scrapbook or memory box for years to come.

These cards are terrific for Math Centers – A Hands-On Activity your kiddos will love! 133 total cards 53 cards of Unmixed Coins (all-penny cards or all-nickel cards or all quarters cards...) 20 cards of Nickels and Pennies 20 cards of Dimes and Pennies 12 cards of Quarters and Pennies 12 cards of Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters 16 cards of Mixed Coins (all coins, even half dollars) Look how real this money looks!

Looking for a fun way to use those leftover Easter eggs? Make a Money matching activity. Will go great with my Money Clip Cards! www.teacherspayte...

These cards are terrific for Math Centers – A Hands-On Activity that students love! 14 pages; 56 cards to help your students practice their money-counting skills. All cards have dollar bills along with varying numbers of coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters). Lowest card amount is $1.01 and the highest card amount with one dollar bills is $6.00. I have included 8 cards that use five dollar bills with various coins. Look how real this money looks!