Perfect for purse when your kid needs a distraction! LEGO in a tin, with a base on top

mommo design: IN A MINT TIN. Several fun DIY ideas for travel tin distractions. I like the tiny Lego box idea best. Great recycle purpose for your Altoids tins!

Getting Kids to Clean Up Their Rooms – a #Printable Checklist

Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist for Kids

Do your kids know what you mean when you tell them to clean their rooms? Help them make bedroom cleaning a part of their daily routines with a helpful checklist. DIY chore charts like this help develop independence in children.

Magic Snow Paint Recipe- my kids had so much fun hunting for magic snow with their magical snow paint

Magic Snow Paint Recipe- my kids had so much fun HUNTING FOR MAGIC SNOW with this easy to make magical snow paint. Sprinkle baking soda on packed snow and put vinegar and koolaid in spray bottle or squirt bottle and Soph has to find the ‘Magic Snow’

Easy Set-up for Stop Motion Animation with Kids |

Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners

Kids can create their own stop motion movie! This Stop Motion Animation project is so easy to set up, and a great way to encourage STEAM concepts with children. A great summer or rainy day boredom buster.

Good idea for cardboard box.

Another pinner: Big box town! I remember doing this as a kid. Except, I used to draw ovens, ironing boards and tv sets. I Used to sit in them, out in the yard for hours.

20 Physical Activities for Toddlers with Lots of Energy

Physical Activities for Toddlers that have a Lot of Energy

I need to try some of these! Physical activities to get toddlers moving! Physical activities for toddlers are amazing for those that have lots of energy. What toddler doesn't?

Teach Your Kids How to Do the Laundry! This will help with getting back into the swing of things with back to school.

Teach Your Kids How to Do the Laundry

Teach Your Kids How to Do the Laundry. With sports and school in session, now's the perfect time to teach your kids this life skill. And who wouldn't like a little help with the laundry?

Do your kids use a million cups a day?! Magnets on the back, put on the fridge!

Magnet Cups for the Fridge. This is so smart! Place magnets on the back of your kids' cups and stick it to the fridge so they don't go through a million cups in a day!

Day #66 – Chore Ring for Earning Money

Chore Ring for Earning Money

14 Creative Chore Charts for Kids-------------really like this idea for a consequence or maybe do this for extra chores so kids can earn money.