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I am an 8th grade English and Spanish teacher in Northern California, and I love creating "stuff" for my students to use. Here you will find different products that I have created and used with my students over the years. Learning should be fun, and I create my "stuff" with that in mind. Visit me at

Teaching Theme Mini-Unit

Teaching Theme just got easier with this complete mini-unit. Contains 3 presentations, student practice, and writing lesson.


Spanish La Comida Food Bundle

Engage your students while they learn the Spanish words for different foods. Go fish games, task cards and vocabulary review game all included in this La Comida Bundle. Save $3!


Organize Research the Easy Way & Avoid Plagiarism

Perfect for middle and high school, this method of organizing research makes it easy for your students to collect information and turn it into an essay. Promotes paraphrasing and proper MLA citation.


Teaching the Elements of a Plot

Complete Middle School mini lesson on plot and plot structure. Everything you need for a complete lesson on plot.


Academic Language Common Core Words: Set 2

Teach words used in the Common Core standards. Fun presentation and vocab game using 20 high-use words. $$


Characterization Task Cards

Task cards are a great way to introduce students to characterization. Geared for middle school, these cards are ready to use--just print and go.


Teaching Verb Bundle

Learn subjects and verbs the easy way! Grammar is fun with this spooky story that guides students in finding subjects and verbs in sentences. Over 185 pages of lessons, student practice, task cards and more. Companion to Lesson 1: Teaching Prepositions.


Take the fear out of testing with this FREE resource! Help students learn the language of Common Core Testing. Presentation and game included. Ten high-frequency words. The first set is free. See the other two sets for all 40 testing words.


Theme Task Cards Set 2

Task cards get students moving and thinking. Help them discover common themes with this set of task cards. Print and go.


Great for Open House display and fun all year long. After students read, have them create and rate the book with these free book spine templates. Display them to spark book talks and inspire other students to read.