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the price for juice blends is shown in red, white and blue
Signs, Typography, Lettering, and Sign Painting image inspiration on Designspiration
Creative Sign, Painters, Slide, 9, and Type image ideas & inspiration on Designspiration
some type of font that is being used for an advertisement or poster, with the words'how to digitize your hand lettering projects using image trace in illustrator
How to Digitize Hand Lettering Using Illustrator’s Image Trace - Lettering League
Here's a full Paper to Digital tutorial on how to take your hand lettering projects and digitize them using Image Trace in Illustrator. Follow along for illustration projects as well. via @jnnfrcyl
an old poster with some type of lettering on it
45 Halftones Pattern
45 Halftones Pattern - Textures / Fills / Patterns Illustrator
the words 5 easy brush lettering tips are shown
7 Brush Calligraphy Tips For Beginners
5 EASY brush lettering tips – Lettering Daily 2
the cover of 15 adobe illustrator plugins that will blow your mind
15 Illustrator Add-ons That Will Blow Your Mind
With every new release, Adobe Illustrator expands on its powerful vector-editing capabilities. But if that’s not enough to keep you satisfied, thankfully there’s a vast range of third party add-ons out there to help you save time and add a bit of polish to your design. Here are 15 Illustrator add-ons we recommend you integrate into your workflow.
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a red and white sign that says el lissontzky
El Lissitzky Cartaz do construtivismo, podemos observar o uso de fotografia com as cores construtivistas e a predominancia da geometria
an orange and black painting on wood with a man holding a guitar in his right hand
Illustration, Serigraphs, Paintings, and Tiki Mugs
Derek Art - Illustration, Serigraphs, Paintings, and Tiki Mugs
an illustration of cats and other things in the shape of a circle on a white background
笑える笑えないは別として 今後もコメディみたいなことがたくさん起こるんだろうなあ。 とにかく正気でいよう。
a pink and black drawing of a man with scissors on his head, in front of a white background
Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design
Jerry Smath | Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design