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To a Mouse - Whatever our intentions, it's good to be reminded that things don't always work out as we planned. Here's an appropriate line from Robert Burns' popular poem 'To a Mouse'.

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Scotland - Hugh MacDiarmid's beautiful poem about Scotland and love of one's country. 'So I have gathered unto myself / All the loose ends of Scotland...'

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This phrase from Douglas Dunn's poem ‘Disenchantments’ was projected onto Edinburgh Castle for Valentine's Day 2010 as part of the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Carry A Poem campaign. Put it up anywhere, anytime of year, to celebrate love in all its forms.

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Gerard Manley Hopkins writes about the joy, energy and innocence of spring. | Scottish Poetry Library

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Epistle to Davie, a Brother Poet - Robert Burns reminds us of the pleasures to be had if we were to wander out and take the air, in this short phrase taken from his poem 'Epistle to Davie, a Brother Poet'. To be fixed to a door maybe.

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