Misspelled Chicago

Spelling mistakes. Signs, menus, billboards - stuff in Chicago spelled incorrectly. If you see one, snap a pic and tweet me at @scottkleinberg with hashtag #MisspelledChicago. With your permission, I'll pin it. Thanks.
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Proper spelling costs more.

Nice of her to point to the mistake. Forgot a p.

This store will be clossed on Januray 1.

5 dollar ... 5 dollar ... 5 dollar spelling error (any any spelling error 5 ...)

Backed is so much healthier than baked. Courtesy of Daniel Schell.

Who is this spicy guy named Al? Oh ... they meant allspice!

They spell vinaigrette right but not vegetArian? Sigh.

Spelling is optional on the NBC5 News at 10.

Think they'll take a few bucks off if I correct the spelling?

Don't forget to hire YOUR copy editor now.

Does the person who wrote spaghetti have a New York accent or something?

Now hiring: Copy editor. Must be familiar with spell check and not be afraid to use it. Apply at Chicago City Hall. No fone calls please.

Please let me see this sticker in real life so I can whip out a Sharpie and add the apostrophe.

The only funnier soup to misspell is alphabet.

Mosst definitely misspelled.

Blueberry lavender probably tastes even better when lavender is spelled correctly.

At Office Depot, everything in this aisle stays stationARY. They might have stationERY too, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Pictures are "simmulated," and so is the spelling.

Bananas with unappealing grammar. (See what i did there?) What a possessive bunch! (HA! I did it again!)

When you put a menu - unsolicited, mind you - under the door of a journalist, make sure you copy edit first. Almond Ding, not almon.

Brûlée sometimes is on the menu with accents, but it always should be ee, not e.

You can also be fined for misspelling the word employee. When in doubt, add an extra e.

Thanks to @Maura Hernandez for this one: "cigarates" on Lawrence Ave.

Unleased dogs. Well, I should hope so. A leased dog means you get to keep it for 3 years or 12,000 walks - whichever comes first. Woof.

In my best Irish accent: Even in Dublin, that's not how you spell Guinness. (Thanks to @phampants for submitting this one to the board).