Goldie Light Blue

More modern & creative product/industrial designs - This Goldfish Phone Charger also acts as a cord holder and stand which help keep those pesky cords out of site.

The Foot hammock is useful. This is the perfect foot rest for when you're sitting at your computer desk all day!

Foot Hammock

An under-the-desk foot hammock. <-I want this! 22 Ingenious Products That Will Make Your Workday So Much Better


BMW Genuine Factory OEM 80162208702 M Power Cap. BMW Lifestyle Clothing and Accessories. One size fits all.

We thought these were cool...

The original "Etch A Sketch" LOL You used the plastic pencil like thing to write or draw then when you wanted to do something else you lifted the top layer and everything would disappear and you could do something else!


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Bazooka bubble gum

Bazooka bubble gum they came with a comic inside I always read mine. It was half the fun. And Bazooka was REAL good gum for blowing bubbles which I also loved to do.