Original Oil Paintings

Original paintings in realistic and impressionistic styles
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an overhead view of people walking across a crosswalk with backpacks on their backs
Jim Zwadlo, "Pedestrians #324", mixed media on canvas, 36x36
an old toy truck is sitting on top of a building's ledge with wheels
We love Ted Polomis' original trompe l'oeil paintings of vintage toys. His whimsical titles, such as this one called "Bed Bug" bring a smile and start conversation with collectors. "Bed Bug, oil on panel, 11x18.
an oil painting of the grand canyons and cliffs by artist john wyee
Holbrook, Peter
For more than 40 years, Peter Holbrook has masterfully painted the canyons of the American West. His ability to capture the grandeur of these treasured locations is without compare. "Stupa at Beggein", oil on canvas, 46 x 40
a painting of flowers and watermelon on a table
Packard, Gregory
Gregory Packard's impressionistic alla prima approach to his work creates sumptuous layers of broken color, giving the viewer reason to return to the piece time and time again. "Asian Beauties", oil on panel, 24 x 30
a painting of white flowers in a glass vase on a gray surface with rocks scattered around it
Lee, Ning
Ning Lee "White Roses", oil on linen, 30 x 30