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Tesla's new rooftop solar panels don’t look like solar panels - Curbedclockmenumore-arrow : Part of a grand vision for a solar-filled future

First announced last fall, Tesla’s solar roof tiles are made to look like conventional roofs, with styles like Tuscan and slate.

Solar shingles are exactly what they sound like: roof shingles that are made out of solar panel material and have the same power producing abilities as solar panels.

sustainable technology ~ Forget solar panels, here come building-integrated photovoltaics

Solar Thermal Radiant Floor Heating System... genius!

Solar Thermal Radiant Floor Heating System heats the house with solar energy

Fun Out door space with bar and sunroom. Glass garage door lets the outdoors in when cold months are on us and it can be opened in the warm months. Bar also closes and opens with hinged swinging doors.

If you're seeking out outdoor bar ideas, look no further than this awesome barrel sink. This would look great on any deck or patio.

Compact Laundry / Shower Cabin Combo for Small Spaces by Vismaravetro

Compact Laundry / Shower Cabin Combo for Small Spaces by Vismaravetro Such a clever idea. The washing machine and dryer share a space with the linen closet which is right next to the shower. I love the space saver.

The solar panels on this greenhouse provide up to 70% of the average homes power, aren't on the roof and don't waste real estate since they sit on top of an awesome greenhouse - problem solved!

Solar greenhouse business starts to flourish: A UK-based inventor who came up with a novel solution that allows gardening enthusiasts to grow plants and vegetables while generating electricity at the same time, after he was approached by a couple who coul

Versatile facade panels designed by architects. Click to order material sample.

EQUITONE is the world´s leading brand in ventilated facade (rainscreen) systems.