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Scott Sigler
Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler

Fiction author and connoisseur of Chocodiles. Once did 3-5 in a supermax for beating a halfling to death.

Cover reveal: ALIGHT, Book II of the Generations Trilogy (the sequel to ALIVE). Check it, fools! If you want to pre-order, click the link: #Books #Book

ALIVE Serialized Audiobook: Episode 9. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our Audible Free Trial page at gets you a free audiobook as part of a no-risk, 30-day trial. Want to see what all the fuss is about GO SET A WATCHMAN? Click though and hear that book for yourself.

FridayFix • Jason Hough talks ZERO WORLD. Published in rapid succession, Hough’s first three novels, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR, THE EXODUS TOWERS, and THE PLAGUE FORGE, earned comparisons to James S. A. Corey and John Scalzi. Hough returns with ZERO WORLD, a riveting near-future spy thriller described as “James Bond meets INCEPTION.” Jason sat down with Scott to talk about becoming an “instant best-seller,” writing schedules, and juggling family needs with his role as a full-time writer.

Opossums eating bananas

Episode 8 of this free, serialized audiobook. ••• PREVIOUSLY ON ALIVE: Em has led the Birthday Children into a strange, broken-down area filled with coffins of a different kind — thin, white, heavily beat-up, and empty. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our 4Inkjets Coupon page at

FridayFix • Making of "The Spear." Fun vid of Frank Ippolito, A Kovacs and I making the prop spears from my new novel ALIVE. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our Shipstation trial page at

EPISODE SYNOPSES: As the group struggles to deal with the fallout from Yong’s attack, they hear the first evidence that they are not alone — the sound of heavy footsteps marching in time. That sound is drawing closer. Will Em and the others finally find out why they’ve been put in this strange dungeon? • Audio only: • Previous episodes on YouTube: EPISODE SPONSOR:

Last month, we brought you the chilling trailer for Scott Sigler's new book Alive, which shows Sigler's heroine crawling out of a coffin—and realizing she's not alone. Alive is the first book in the Generations Trilogy.

ALIVE Serialized Audiobook: Episode 4

ALIVE Serialized Audiobook: Episode 3 ALIVE is out July 14! See all the ordering links at www.scottsigler.c... Brought to you by our Moosejaw Coupon page at www.scottsigler.c...

ALIVE Serialized Audiobook: Episode 2. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our Young Adult Books page at

ALIVE by Scott Sigler | Official Book Trailer. The trailer for Book I of the Generations Trilogy. Alive is out July 14, 2015. I hope you dig it. #Trailers #Scifi #ScienceFiciton #Fantasy #Movies #Writing #WritingLife #MovieTrailers #Book #Books #YA #YoungAdult

"Three weeks out from book launch: Welcome to Stressville, population me." -- my thoughts on the upcoming launch of my novel ALIVE.

The first book of Scott Sigler’s Generations Trilogy, Alive, find its teenage heroine trapped in a coffin, with no memory of who she is or how she got there—but she knows she isn’t alone. The best-selling author is set to drop the sci-fi adventure on July 14, and EW has your first look with the debut of the chilling book trailer. It features the protagonist fighting her way out of a casket with bloodied hands, determined to find answers.  

Episode 1 of my new serialized audiobook, ALIVE. For this, my 16th free audiobook, we’re embedding the audio episodes in a YouTube video so you can listen right from Pinterest (desktop or mobile). This novel, Book I of the Generations Trilogy, will be delivered in twenty weekly installments, with episodes posted on Monday mornings. All Pinterest episodes will be in this audio/video format, but you can also subscribe to normal audio via iTunes from www.scottsigler.c...

ALIVE hits July 15, 2015. Get some. Here's part II of our Q&A episode for THE CHAMPION. Many more fun questions from cool people. This is it for the podcast of GFL Book V, people. Next week, we start the podcast of ALIVE. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our Stamps free trial page at

You guys! The very first final hardcover of my new novel ALIVE! Six years of work turned into beautiful dead trees. Excuse me while I whips this out ... www.scottsigler.c...

Our CHAMPION Q&A episode, where fans call and email their questions, and author Scott Sigler answers live. www.scottsigler.c... EPISODE SPONSOR: Our GoDaddy Coupons page at www.scottsigler.c...

The final episode of this free serial audiobook is up at Get all the episodes by subscribing to the podcast at

Dates for my ALIVE book tour! Experimenting with audio embedded in a video player so you can listen to my podcasts right form Pinterest without having to click over. Quentin must overcome last week's injuries — to the body and the soul — to lead his team in the ultimate quest for victory. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our Shipsation free trial page at

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Guilty. Some books--->movies I can't even watch with other people because of this.