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Isn't that the truth

35 Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials- I know a lot of this but there are some interesting techniques.

21 Incredibly Simple Photoshop Hacks Everyone Should Know

5 Ways to improve your White Balance

Great starter for those just learning how to turn their camera off Auto Pilot. :) Free Download: Manual Mode Cheat Sheet | Pretty Presets for Lightroom

7 Tips for Tack Sharp Photos. This is the #1 mistake I see from my photography students.

Check out this Totally Rad! infographic that breaks down the basics for using your camera's Manual mode. It is a great way to get better photos from your dSLR.

f-stop cheat sheet

this website has a bunch of tips for horse photography!

Aperture Vs. Depth of Field Visual

Forget "every little girl should have a glitter photo shoot", I want to do this!! :)

photoshop tutorial-AWESOME!!

4 Steps To Understanding White Balance

How to Tell the Difference between Camera Shake or Poor Focussing?

Free photoshop tools

70 photoshop tricks (repinning so I can find this later!)


Read this article and you'll learn how to adjust your camera to get the perfect shot.

Filters and Photography

Understanding & Using Ansel Adam’s Zone System

12 elements of composition...part 2

12 Elements of Composition in Photography, Part 1

Formula for the perfect picture. * f/ stop should match at least the number of people in the picture...good to remember

ISO settings

White balance options on all current Nikon DSLRs