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Jakarta, Indonesia  ·  I am guy who loves life, loves adventure, loves his family and friends, and loves his camera. What else is there to know?
Scotty Graham
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BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU

Big Bang Big Boom - wall-painted animation/stop motion video by BLU

GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013

Point-of-View video: GoPro: Backflip Over Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013

Great shot!!

odditiesoflife: “ Amazing Dive Bombing Birds Off the coast of South Africa, Cape Gannets spot their targets from the air and dive like a squadron of bombers to pursue their prey. A Cape Gannet can.

This from one of my favorite photographers, Timothy Allen. I love his work!

A fishing village in Malaysia and home to breath divers and sea gypsies, Bajau Village rocks my world. these first three images come from Timothy Allen the super famous travel photographer.