disney princesses

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This post!

This post! Elsa is as covered up and un-sexy Disney princesses get Cinderella was sexier than her

Amazing Disney paintings

These Disney paintings are GORGEOUS! If I ever have a daughter, these are going in her room. <--- forget if I have a daughter, I want them!

Disney princesses

The Meanings Behind The Names Of The Disney Ladies. Funny how several of the names are christian based. I'm christian, so I think that's cool. Plus I love name meanings for some reasen. I always liked Kida, even more so now.

This girl is on fire--

This girl is on fire----yeah elsa got a problem with being on fire haha----and then Leo Valdez comes in and starts singing his jam and bursts into flame

Who the fuck would put a dark age on disney? And how could they put such good movies into this alleged dark age?

Disney girls!!

I'm a classical Disney fan, sorry, but I only like the Disney Ladies from Snow White to Kida

Oh my word best gif ever. My Disney heart. If you love Tangled WATCH THIS GIF! OMG I love this, it's like.if we wait and have patience, all the fairy tale books we've read and love, will become our own next chapter

Disney Tangled Castle Lights by N1K0VE

Disney Tangled Castle Lights by This would make a fantastic phone background.when i (n)ever get tired of my beloved cat.

The Periodic Table of Disney | Oh My Disney

The Periodic Table of Disney Will Make You Love Science

Updated Racebent Princesses! ~~Princesses in order (left to right): Snow White (Spanish), Cinderella (Japanese), Belle (Arab), Aurora (Jamaican), Ariel (Indian), Tiana (Chinese), Mulan (Native American), Pocahontas (Pacific Islander), Jasmine (African/Luo), Meg (Egyptian), Kida (Maori), Jane (Korean), Eilonwy (African/Fula), Esmerelda (Moroccan), Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit).

~Princesses in order (left to right): Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora…

Rapunzel and Eugene- Beginning and End. my heart just ached a little watching the "end" gif.