"...to the Moon, our quotient is potent, my exponent condones that if you check for it, you own it. Even if it's stolen, or Goldy locks like a Rolex, you've got one moment to shine, and one season to feel Home in...don't be a Roaming Roman Ronin..."

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With hope either you think something might happen, are expecting to happen or vaguely want to happen. But just the word hope immediately adds a carousel of confusing emotional baggage. It’s flighty, nondescript and one of the most easily misled emotions w

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glamorous. fabulous. charming. fun. flirty. elegant. exciting. delicate. whimsical. wonderful. dramatic. cute. dreamy. alluring. magnificent. daring. enticing. enchanting. charming. sassy. sexy. sweet. artistic. creative. exquisite. stunning. daring....

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Every man ought to be inquisitive through every hour of his great adventure down to the day when he shall no longer cast a shadow in the sun. For if he dies without a question in his heart, what excuse is there for his continuance? - Frank Moore Colby...

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is the best place for people who love music to make and discover great playlists. This is the official blog on Tumblr, where we post our favorite playlists made by our users, art, photography and general updates. Thanks for following us!

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Welcome to my Roleplay board. You can have as many Face claims as you want. You must be active or else I will remove you. Tag your followers below. Tag as many as possible-αвιgαℓє

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Bonjour, my name is Chloe and I believe that smiles can change the world. ♥ Chloe. Born July Semi-functioning adult. Avid Starbucks drinker. Netflix enthusiast. Dreamer. Cellist. Psych Major. Alpha Omicron Pi.

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