Vision Board Samples

Vision board samples

Vision Board Samples

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Portable Vision Board|The Artful Parent

Creating a Portable Vision Board

Create your own DIY “Create Your Own Destiny” Vision Board,, Kelly ladd sanchez, netflix #StreamTeam; This is a great way for kids to create an interesting vision board. #spon

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  • Muhamad Asmawi Ismail
    Muhamad Asmawi Ismail

    that great

A glittered cork board would make an awesome vision board.

Glittered Corkboards -

Creating A Family Vision Board. I love her idea of placing what you are thankful for on the vision board. I also like that she interviewed her family members and wrote down key phrases or words that represented their hopes and visions.

Creating A Family Vision Board - Project Me for Busy Mothers

Cute ideas for vision boards. This can be a great project to do with your daughters too.

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We've studied, created, and have helped clients create TONS of extremely effective vision boards. 3 recurring themes on a lot of people's vision boards...Oprah, water, and the word "Freedom." Interesting! www.myblankcanvas...

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envision your life and how you want to feel in it

how to write your 10 year vision
  • Marmosso

    you think it really brings you closer to your goals or dreams?

  • Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek Life
    Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek Life

    Yes. It's hard to get someplace if you don't think about how to get there. Think about planning a vacation and saying I want to go to New York City, but then not looking at a single map to figure out how to get there. You may get there some day or you may spend your entire life trying to get there and never making it. It would be simpler if you have a clear plan and you know what you want.

  • Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply Co.
    Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply Co.

    love it

  • Denise McAllister
    Denise McAllister

    fantatsic comment Michele,, finally the words to explain a vision board that makes so much sense to me!!

How To Make a Vision Board - Sage Grayson Coaching

How To Make a Vision Board - Sage Grayson Life Editor
  • Marti Montoya
    Marti Montoya

    I'm finally living part of my dream...I'm now a Lifestyle Consultant, Coach, & Mediator. My practice is LIFE BY DESIGN. I created a Girl Empowerment Camp & am instructor of girls 8-15 yrs old. My main message to girls is that "YOU CAN" create & design the life YOU want! !

A Guide To Vision Boarding With Kids - it can be a LOT of fun - a great way to start the new year too.

How To Vision Board With The Kids

How to host a vision board party!

How & Why to Host a Vision Board Party
  • Koren Ellis-Martin
    Koren Ellis-Martin

    Lovely thanks for the kick up the bum I have needed to start my second dream board. I had such great fun when I made my first one in 2006 its now time to get my grandchildren involved. xx

  • Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek Life
    Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek Life

    it's always a lot more fun when you do it with others.

Jaw dropping inspiration boards; Vision Board samples

20 Jaw Dropping Inspiration Boards

If you shy away from setting goals or creating a vision for your life because you’re afraid you won’t follow through, try creating a vision board.

How to Create a Vision Board

Vision boards for kids - what a fun idea!

5 tips for creating vision boards with kids | The Mama Mary Show

Achieve_LawOfAttraction_V4_colors2 copy

Law of Attraction Infographic
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    Victoria Edwards

    This is awesome!!!!!

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    Monifa Fuller Paige

    Something everyone needs to know about, learn, and experience!!!

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    Cobus Steenkamp

    The right stuff!!

VISION BOARDS 101: because adults have dreams too! GET YOUR RAW-SOME, BIG DREAMER MOJO ON!

Vision Boards – Because Adults Have Dreams Too
  • Janis Young
    Janis Young

    We do!

What is a vision board? A vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, words or items that represent you and your goals. Vision boards are for inspiration; think of it as a vision of the future if you will. These goals can be either short-term or long-term. By seeing these images on a daily basis, you will keep the motivation to reach those goals and desires.

Dorm Essentials: Vision Board

You can't achieve your goals if you can't see them. Make a physical vision board to put your goals front and center. (via @Jessica Ainscough) #visionboard #motivation #goals

7 DIY Pinterest Projects to Get You Motivated - Life by DailyBurn

This is a lovely and very large vision board. Perfect for vivid visualization breaks during recharge time.

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  • BEG TV
    BEG TV

    Very nice. I like this a lot. It's clean, and artistic. Would sloppy up the mansion. Love it.

Vision board

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Creating a vision board & sticking to it. #visionboard

Vision Boards: Creating One for Yourself and Sticking to It

How to Create a Vision Board for Business Ideas on Pinterest 2014... WRITE THAT BUSINESS PLAN!

How to Create a Vision Board for Business Ideas on Pinterest

Organize Your Business Vision Board #organizenowblogtour

How to Create a Business Dreamboard | Bonnie Donahue

Vision Board - How to Create a Digital Vision Board

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How To Make A Vision Board – What Are You Manifesting?

How To Make A Vision Board – What Are You Manifesting?

Vision Board Ideas | How to Make a Vision Board Placemat

Vision Board Ideas | How to Make a Vision Board Placemat
  • BEG TV
    BEG TV

    This is absolutely ingenious. I think i'm going to make this for my mom.