General Appliance Refinishing, Inc. - Early Wedgewood: his early Wedgewood stove measures wide, with a custom mint green color porceline. It features a single oven and broiler combination. The entire stove has been rebuilt, re-porcelined and rechromed.


Inspiration from Mid-Century Modern Kitchens

Centerpiece of kitchen is restored red 1955 ‘Hi Vue’ stove.This vintage oven fits well in a modern kitchen!

love the colors. the bowls. the stool.

Try to see past all of the shoes and bowls.my grandma had that same red chair/step stool in her kitchen. Brings back great memories. Side note, her kitchen was painted the same color as those green bowls.

Vintage pink cake carrier

pixels Vintage pink cake carrier industrial chic vintage fiestaware kitchen Charm and eleg.

inside camper

Vintage old camper re-do; retro shabby chic style with lots of pillows and fabric;

Vintage ringer washing machine...you don't see these very often

a Baby Tender table (lower right of pic), Ringer Washer, aaannd.a vintage mangle ironer to the left of ringer washer. Love it!