This is the starter's kit of the Traveler's Notebook (formerly Midori). It comes in a package which contains a cowhide cover, simple, blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare rubber band (of different color).<b><br><br></b>

Traveler's Notebook - Camel (Regular)

midori inserts free

Freebie Friday 5/29/15

Midori Inserts Printables (Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planners)

Midori Inserts Printables (Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planners)... (MsWenduhh)

Theresa D @mydocumentedlife Favorite stop on ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Theresa D @mydocumentedlife Favorite stop on ...Instagram photo | Websta

better diy midori elastic set up

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Stamped in His image: DIY Midori-Style Traveler's Notebook Tutorial

DIY Midori-Style Traveler's Notebook Tutorial

Use a paper clip to add an insert into a Smash book.

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≡ bullet journal


How to Paint Roses, A simple and easy tutorial to help you paint your best roses yet! The video demonstrates a nifty trick to making them look gorgeous.

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Art Journal Page from Stephanie Schütze

Scrapmanufaktur: Art Journaling

art journal

lefty lettering

DIY notebook

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Stéphanie Devaux Textus: Les lignes: D'après un texte d'Henri Michaud. Livre unique, collage, peinture et calligraphie

Stéphanie Devaux Textus: Les lignes

Chandler O'Leary from Tacoma, Washington

This is what I do – Drawn the Road Again

Handmade book with envelope pages. Book 1 of a 365 book challenge.

minimeg: Book 001

Sweet idea for an old board book.

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Kelly Kilmer

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Susie LaFond

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Carnet de Printemps | Flickr - Gorgeous Journal!

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Another Roben Marie page

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Week One - Journey

Caroline Rondel

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Dj Pettitt - Beautiful mixed media journal cover and binding

finished online class sample (dj pettitt - gentle whispering hues)

sabrina ward harrison

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transfers Bobbi Studstill

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