Pastel patriotic nails!

Your Definitive Guide to Spring's Dreamiest Beauty Products

Pink and gold glitter nail art with stars! Perfect for my birthday party!

rose gold sparkle polish

Paillettes intégral et laine : China Glaze Glam

China Glaze- Rose Gold Sparkle Add a little glam to the traditional tones of nail colors on your wedding day. When the light catches the glitter, it'll sparkle just enough to compliment your marital glow

I'm going to try this with Lament Nail Varnish and Furore Pure Pigment. Put the Pure Pigment at the bottom of the nail (whilst the varnish is still wet) and then set with top coat.

Dazzle Dust Nail Tutorial

Dab some powder pigment above the cuticle before the polish dries and blow the color onto the nail. Apply top coat & clean excess pigment off cuticle.

Balloon nails! :)

Colorful Balloon Nails Picture from Nail Designs. Birthday Balloon nails: Created with multiple nail polish colors and an orangewood stick.

Animal print french manicure, going to purchase some good brushes for doing intricate things.

Awesome summer nails. (YSL Bleu Majorelle)

YSL – Bleu Majorelle

I want to do this.

stripes and heart. cute for of july w/ blue nails, white stripes & a red heart

Minnie Mouse Manicure!

Minnie Mouse Nails I am SO doing this next time I go to Disney! Disney Land next tho!


Nowadays we use a a technique called water marbling to create Swirl nail art. It involves swirling together different colored nail polishes on nails.

matte black with polka dots

black camii sottile color colorful confused cute enamels esmalte estile fash fashion fashionable inflatable bouncer jajaj jesse manicure matt nails nails♥'♥ neon new pink polka dots slow unhas

how to french manicure

DIY Nail Tips for French nails. I'd never thought of using those hole protector thingies.


Use a dot pattern for the tips of nails! :D This is such a neat idea!


Beautiful Nail Art Ideas by Coewless - Show me your manicure, I tell you more about your trendsetter potentials! The beautiful and simple nail art ideas nail artist Coewless help you run for the title of the ultimate beauty kitten of the moment.