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SOLDATEN, by Sonke Neitzel and Harald Welzer: I would buy this book for my brother, but I would never give it to him, keeping it for myself.

Enjoying this edifying and deceptively simple Google Search Infographic from Mashable.

This is by far the best thing on the internet today.

For all of you who are wondering how a book gets edited, here's a handy flowchart that explains the process. (With bonus goats.)

how a book is born (because you kids love the infographics)

Here is #2 in our irregular series of Scribers as book covers. David, our digital editor, is rocking 'The Big Handout' look. Thanks also to Brunswick for your many salubrious backdrops...

Enjoyed today at the Scribe offices via The New Yorker.

Who's at the top of this 'Top 5 authors to look out for' list?

They don't make 'em like they used to...amazing collection of scans from an 80s book on window displays from Daniel Letson's flickr...this one is from Michel's, Berlin...

Hilarious and painful price guide for literary endorsements

Scribe author Scott Johnson reports from Africa on the search for Kony

It's like all these animals can see into my soul! And they are all very disappointed with what they see. Arrrgh. '33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You.' Thanks, BuzzFeed.

This is the funniest article on writing I've read in AGES — 'How To Write The Great American Novel' by Jim Behrle.

'We are in thrall to the narrative of selves that do not really exist in the way we imagine, a fabrication in which most novel-writing connives.' More wonderful observations about writing from Tim Parks, c/o the New York Review of Books

Young foodie culture c/o New York Magazine

Lemurs getting on rafts and going to Madagascar! Why don't we have more news stories like this?

We enjoyed this article from the Guardian Books Blog about book trailers. We use them sometimes, and they've been fun to make — but do they work? How do they sit next to the actual book? And what does the advent of e-books mean for the definition of what a book is? Interesting times indeed...

Very much looking forward to the new weekly book show on SBS, 'For the Love of Books' which is starting in April. Katherine Boo's mindblowing book Behind the Beautiful Forevers will be featured in the first episode; everyone from Salman Rushdie to Anna Funder is already raving about it

It's Crufts time again and there is nothing better to bring a bit of joy into your day than a few galleries of primped pooches and their owners (copyright onEdition 2012 ©)

'I am a signed-up humanist and I guess what that means is that I believe in the capacity of humans to be good to each other.' Alom Shaha was in Australia recently, promoting his memoir The Young Atheist's Handbook. Compassionate and humane, it's a wonderful book, and this article is a fantastic introduction to Alom, and his approach to life.

John Kinsella discusses the problematic idea of 'Australian Literature'

Sarah from publicity is wearing a glorious outfit today perfectly matching next's month's 'True'—a fantastic novel from Finnish author Riikka Pulkkinen. First in an irregular series of colourful cover-related coincidences.

Incredible images of riotous colour from the Holi festival in India via the Guardian.

'I was a Warehouse Wage Slave'. Great reporting. Note to self: order less stuff online from anonymous Orwellian warehouses.

Matching a look to a book?! Still not sure where we sit on this one but seeing Scribe's Shantaram cover come to life in fabric is fun. In fact Scribers have an uncanny ability subconsciously to dress like our books already—more evidence soon to follow!

“I wake up every morning and check if I am in a state of grace,” he told a television crew. “If not, I go back to bed.” Oh, Leonard Cohen, you're as hard to resist as the manatees! Seriously, though, this is an amazing article —the story of Leonard calming a riotous, 600,000-strong crowd with poetry is incredible.