Bible Object Lessons for Kids

I LOVE a great Bible object lesson. They are usually quite easy to present and very captivating. This board will showcase some of my favorite Bible object lessons that your kids will love! (Want to learn more about my ministry, "The Scripture Lady"? Then go to
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Teach kids about recognizing service opportunities with this Candy and Ice Experiment.

Bird's Eye View: Best Object Lesson - for missionary work

Bible object lessons more using MMs!

Teaching Kids about Giving with Bananas Object Lesson

Chocolate Sauce Bible lesson

Using Easter Eggs to teach kids about serving others

object lesson on daily prayer and scripture study

A Bible Object Lesson #biblelessons

Bible Object Lessons #biblelessons

Object lesson...put God first then everything will fit in the jar

Another Day in the Ministry: Easter Object Lesson

What's the one thing missing from many Christmas celebrations? Gratitude, of course! Hard as they may try, parents face real challenges instilling this virtue into their little ones. Today's "me fi...

Christmas Object Lesson: The Wrapping Paper

How the Grinch Became an Object Lesson!: Spiritual Truths in Christmas Movies | I Love Kids Church #kidmin

The Atonement object lesson

Sunday School object lesson - magic paper fold idea, in the end it all points back to Jesus.

Amazing Object Lessons here, along with Bible lessons, games, devotions, crafts and service projects along with and hundreds of inspiring articles to help you teach your kids about the Bible. Love this site.

Gummy worms object lessons for Sunday school

Jesus. and. Tea.

Object Lesson: Teaching Children Why Jesus' Sacrifice Was Necessary

Fear/faith - Your fist = fear. When you hit an empty water bottle without its cap (faith), it'll crush. If you hit one WITH the cap (faith), it will NOT crush.

Jesus ‘mint’ for You to be here!

Making Right Choices - edible object lesson

This is an amazingly powerful and EASY Armor of God Object Lesson from @Cindy West (Our Journey Westward). We'll be doing this one ASAP!

candy-corn: Candy in the Bible?: A Super Scripture Game for Elementary Kids. see some very creative ways to tie candy into a lesson....get creative