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Nurse Must-Reads

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Nurse Must-Reads

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Here are a few ways to make this summer the best one yet! #NursingStudents

Student nurses: How to make the best of your summer

"Almost gave a patient’s shot to her husband who was sleeping in her bed while she went potty."—Tracilyn H. #Oops #Nursing

Your most memorable “oops” moments

What’s the most shocking thing you’ve ever seen while on the job? #nursing #nurselife #patientcare #healthcare

If you think THAT’S crazy, let me tell you about the time when…

Nurse occupational hazards are not for the faint of heart.

Beware: Occupational hazards

Should the BSN be the entry-level degree for our field?

Let’s talk about degree inflation

We'll be watching just to see the cool old school uniforms!

“ANZAC Girls”: TV drama about nurses in World War I

Beware of Superbugs #infection

7 Scary Drug-Resistant Infections

A few helpful tips on keeping your scrubs clean

Sidestep a scare with proper scrubs care

The struggle that is, night shift working.

May I have your attention, please? The hospital will be closing shortly.

Are you cut out for nursing?

Am I cut out for nursing?

Do you consider yourself a brand?

“Why personal branding is important for nurses”

Here are some things that no nurse would EVER say!

Things that no nurse would ever say

Do you have anything to add to Nurse EyeRoll's 10 pieces of advice for new nurses?


After learning about Nurse Nina's post-Ebloa struggles, Nurse Eye Roll pinned this poignant letter to her fellow nurse.

Another open letter to Nurse Nina

There are some up sides to being a bald nurse!

5 advantages of being a bald nurse
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“Nurses Can Help Low-Income Mothers and Kids” – Did you read it?

“Nurses Can Help Low-Income Mothers and Kids” – Did you read it?

Standing desk could relieve pain for nurses with desk jobs

Standing desk could relieve pain for nurses with desk jobs

It's tax time nurses! Are you prepared?

Top 5 tax-time complaints from nurses—answered!

Hmm, could talking to comatose patients be therapeutic?

Voices of family help coma patients recover faster

If NurseEyeRoll Ran Nursing School

If Nurse Eye Roll ran nursing school

Is this a taboo topic?

“Something you’re dying to talk about”

Naturally growing antibiotics may be the next place to look for the drugs of the future.

Antibiotic found in dirt may not allow bacteria resistance

"We must be kind to each other, we must be kind to the people that we serve and we cannot ever forget that despite all of our struggles, labor and delivery is still breathtakingly beautiful."

“All Nurses Share the Same Struggles” – Did you read it?

Is your steering wheel your unsung hero?

An ode to a nurse’s steering wheel