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Nurse Must-Reads

Nurse Must-Reads

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There are unique challenges involved in being a nurse. Despite the difficulties, however, there are some bright sides to these challenges, too.

5 challenges unique to nurses and their compensations

Those uncomfortable skirted uniforms, that unwieldy equipment, the lack of antibiotics...can you imagine?!?!

PHEW! 5 reasons I’m thankful to be a 21st century nurse

Things will get easier and less stressful as you get more experienced, but for now, make everything in your life as automatic as you can.

5 things that will make life easier for new nurses

Our spouses can be our greatest source of support. Here are some strategies to enjoy each other even with our busy nursing student schedules.

How not to neglect your significant other in nursing school

Stay strong, nurses. The transition from vacation to work is going to be a difficult, but we're here to guide you.

Welcome back from vacation—try not to panic

Find out which phrases cross nurse lips more frequently than any others.

Top 10 phrases that nurses say most

We've got some advice for civilians in the hospital. We bet you have some, too...

A guide for civilians: how NOT to be a nightmare in the hospital

Because bottled water and bagels aren't always going to cut it...

11 break room essentials your hospital might be missing

As a new nurse, you've probably had seminars on just about everything, except the literal foundation of your practice: your legs and feet.

A serious guide to foot care for new nurses

You CAN get through this day. Here, let any one of these podcasts help see you all the way through to the finish line.

Podcast perfection: A top-10 list for nurses

Ever wonder how to prioritize your relationships at work? Here’s a handy-dandy guide for how to divide your time!

The five people you meet in the hospital—or, the most important people you work with

Are you a nurse who's being bullied by a doctor? Read Auntie Aggie's advice!

Ask Auntie Aggie: The Bully Edition

What better place to start than the beginning? Perhaps if we simply teach and empower our teachers, we’ll begin to see the change we need.

Can’t we all just get along? Stopping the cycle of bullying in nursing

Some words, phrases and abbreviations that nurses use don’t translate well to the general public.

Nursing phrases lost in translation

We’ve all heard horror stories of serious medication errors happening in the workplace. But what about those that happen at home?

How nurses can help prevent at-home med errors

Good nursing coworkers help you survive the shifts you feel you'll barely make it out of alive.

Get by with a little help from your nurse friends

If your off-duty clothes require lots of pockets, an elastic waistband and comfy fabric, you're probably a nurse.

Scrubs – The lifestyle magazine for nurses

Though it may not come up often, you should know how to handle the unique challenges and differences of genderqueer and transgendered patients.

What we talk about when we talk about Caitlyn: A nurse’s guide to transgender care

The weather’s hot, the corn is high, and idiots abound. What do you have? A sure-fire (ha) way to ruin any nurse’s Fourth of July celebrations. Here’s how NOT to let that happen!

The nurse’s guide to surviving the Fourth of July

July 1st used to be a date which forever lived in infamy for nurses who work in teaching hospitals...

The Annual New Residents Day
  • Gherisha Grace
    Gherisha Grace

    Used to be! Ha!

Nurses, here's your friendly warning to NEVER trash talk patients...even if they're sedated at the time!

A major trash-talking “FAIL”

Vacation better with these tips just for nurses!

Vacation better

Your nurse first aid hacks are pure gold! What other tricks do you have up your scrubs sleeves?

12 “nurse approved” home remedies

Nurses, should "gallows humor" be acceptable behind closed doors or should making light of a patient's circumstances be an absolute no-no?

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We hope you don't scare easily because these nurse stories are straight up terrifying.

What’s your most frightening medical experience?