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    Nurse Must-Reads

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    4 Brands Turning Standard Scrubs Into A Fashion Statement -

    4 Brands Turning Standard Scrubs Into A Fashion Statement

    Seven Ways For Nurses To Keep Their Fitness Resolution -

    Seven Ways For Nurses To Keep Their Fitness Resolution

    Is Quitting Smoking On Your Calendar For 2016? -

    Is Quitting Smoking On Your Calendar For 2016?

    Behind Nurse’s Eyes: Going From Bad to Bedside Manners -

    Behind Nurse’s Eyes: Going From Bad to Bedside Manners

    We turned to the nurses on the Men in Nursing Facebook page for some tips on treating patients with rare conditions, and here's the advice they shared.

    12 tips for caring for patients with uncommon conditions

    Itching to amp up your education? Wonderful—let's talk advanced degrees, starting with how to survive the process.

    8 survival strategy tips for soon-to-be nurse grad students

    Everything you've ever wanted to say to all those heavy-hearted patients in one perfectly written blog post.

    “I’ll never forget your room number or your pain”

    It's hard enough taking care of patients, let alone balancing work with personal health issues. Here are some tips for getting through the tough shifts.

    6 tips for managing patient care while living with chronic illness

    One nurse ponders the difficulties of staying within the bounds of social acceptability without suffering from social isolation.

    Should what happens in the hospital…stay in the hospital?

    As an ICU nurse, I discovered that the only way I could survive the life or death scenarios that come with managing emergencies is through humor.

    Deep in the gallows: A nurse’s take on humor

    It has become increasingly common to find dogs lounging around offices during work hours. Now they are making their way into some hospitals.

    Should dogs be allowed in hospitals?

    The patient was doing awesome. It was time to get him out of that darn critical care bed and in a chair. Here's what happened when he almost fell.

    3 big lessons I learned when my patient almost fell

    Back pain? Ain't nobody got time for that! Check out these nurse tips for alleviating the muscles in your back after a grueling shift?

    Back pain, be gone—5 tips for nurses

    Check out this touching story of a nurse's experience with her cancer patients.

    “Shaving the Head of a Cancer Patient” – Have you read it?

    Don't let an on-the-job injury turn into an on-the-job disaster. Do you have experience with reporting work injuries?

    How do I deal with an on-the-job injury?

    Nurse Kati Kleber saves us with her nursey insight and wit. And apparently, her readers help save her on a regular basis, too.

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    How does your salary compare to other nurses this year? Check out a variety of median nurse salaries divided by position and experience level.

    Nurse salaries 2015: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

    We turned to the Scrubs Mag and Men in Nursing Facebook pages to ask what employee benefits you'd love to receive. Here's what you had to say!

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    We've hand-picked five fitness-inspired Pinterest Pins that nurses are talking about right now. Click in for some fall fitness inspiration!

    5 fitness Pins for nurses

    Professionally, you know what’s coming after Labor Day. You know what to do at work -- what about your personal life, though? It’s likely you could use some advice for surviving until the first frost.

    The nurse’s survival guide to autumn

    We asked the school nurses on our Funny Nurses Facebook page to tell us what they like—and dislike—most about their chosen profession.

    The pros and cons of working as a school nurse

    Convinced that a remarkably insular community is not averse but perhaps reluctant to seek care, this dedicated nurse is bringing it to them.

    Did you read it? — One nurse breaks ground in unlikely territory