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Nurse Must-Reads

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We asked our Funny Nurses Facebook page nurses to tell us about their strange nursing superstitions...and a couple of them are actually based in fact!

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Fellas, we've rounded up four must-follow Instagram accounts for male nurses. Check 'em out.

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Some nurses realized their true calling before leaving the womb. Others reported going through strenuous life events and, in some cases, multiple careers before discovering their nurse destiny.

How did you choose your nursing specialty?

The healthcare system is changing, and care coordination may be the future. Are you in the know?

A closer look at care coordination

We asked nurses to describe their ideal patient, and the responses ranged from tongue-in-cheek to heartfelt.

“Alive, happy and not poopie”: Nurses describe their ideal patients

We asked those of you who have been nurses for 30-plus years to tell us about the ways the field has evolved since you first donned the white cap.

How has nursing changed since your first day on the job?

You know all those things you wish you could reply when a patient or family member says something you’ve heard at least a hundred times...?

Nursing comebacks I wish I could say

To help you prevent a Nurse Blush Attack, we've turned to our Funny Nurses Facebook page for advice on asking patients those touchy questions.

Nurses’ best advice on how to ask sensitive questions

Your friends called—they miss you. Don't worry, we told them we're going to help you fix that.

7 tips for staying close with your non-nurse friends

Ever felt like slapping a bandage over an obnoxious mouth? Then you probably heard the kind of stuff that can get under even the most tolerant nurse's skin.

10 things to NEVER say to a nurse

Oh yes—long before you graduated from nursing school, you were a nurse. In other words, it's pretty much in your blood to be okay with seeing it.

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Good news—the healthcare industry is hungry for more NPs and PAs. Looks like somebody got the memo on how crucial nurses are to quality care.

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Nurses get sick, too. So, the question is—where are all the sick days? Hold onto your scrubs, because the conversation is about to get heated.

How do you take your sick days? We’re guessing “rare.”

When the hospital is in total disarray, and you feel like you're going down with the ship, utilize these six time management tactics immediately.

Nursing time management for when you’re totally overwhelmed

If you're a nurse, you probably have a different view of summertime than most people.

Top 10 nice things about summer, from a nurse’s perspective

Ah, visitors! Have any of these nightmares shown up at your patients' bedsides?

Top 10 worst hospital visitors

There are unique challenges involved in being a nurse. Despite the difficulties, however, there are some bright sides to these challenges, too.

5 challenges unique to nurses and their compensations

Those uncomfortable skirted uniforms, that unwieldy equipment, the lack of antibiotics...can you imagine?!?!

PHEW! 5 reasons I’m thankful to be a 21st century nurse

Things will get easier and less stressful as you get more experienced, but for now, make everything in your life as automatic as you can.

5 things that will make life easier for new nurses

Our spouses can be our greatest source of support. Here are some strategies to enjoy each other even with our busy nursing student schedules.

How not to neglect your significant other in nursing school

Stay strong, nurses. The transition from vacation to work is going to be a difficult, but we're here to guide you.

Welcome back from vacation—try not to panic

Find out which phrases cross nurse lips more frequently than any others.

Top 10 phrases that nurses say most

We've got some advice for civilians in the hospital. We bet you have some, too...

A guide for civilians: how NOT to be a nightmare in the hospital

Because bottled water and bagels aren't always going to cut it...

11 break room essentials your hospital might be missing

As a new nurse, you've probably had seminars on just about everything, except the literal foundation of your practice: your legs and feet.

A serious guide to foot care for new nurses