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A collection of videos just for nurses! These videos will make you laugh, cry and smile!

Videos Nurses Love

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Add this incredible video to your inspiration arsenal, nurses!

"Fight Song" at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

If you're a male nurse of heroic proportions, commonly known to have tiger's blood and bones made of carbon fiber, this video is for you.

The Murses

Check out these common hospital personality types from Katie Duke.

Personality Types - Episode 47 - The Katie Duke Show

What would you be doing if you weren't a nurse?

If I wasn't a nurse - Episode 45 - The Sean Dent Show

As a nurse, you smell some pretty terrible things. Katie Duke discusses the 3 smells she hates the most.

Worst Smells EVER - Episode 45 - The Katie Duke Show
  • Amanda Jeffries
    Amanda Jeffries

    I once had a psych patient whose shoes smelled worse than the roommate's GI bleed.

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Are you and your preceptor showing a united front?

This week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat is bursting at the seams with tips to help you power through night shift after night shift.

Katie Duke’s top night shift survival tips

Sean shares 5 tips on getting prepared for the NCLEX exam.

Prepping for “the big one”—Sean’s top NCLEX readiness tips

These nurses are spilling all the beans.

Nurses “tell all” during an interview—did you catch it?

You're going to want to take notes on this!

5 things they don’t (or can’t) teach you in nursing school

Katie Duke's weight loss journey is inspiring!

Katie Duke’s weight loss journey

You never know where your nursing skills will take you. For Katie Duke, they took her 30,000 feet into the air!

Making the best of an in-flight care experience

Sean Dent has some advice to help you live the nurse life with far less stress

A more constructive approach to work stress

Brush up on your problem-solving skills with Katie Duke!

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Proof that nurses are a special breed

A student nurse’s inspirational story

In this clip, Sean Dent shares what he felt was the hardest part of nursing.

Nursing school: I have to remember ALL of this?

Emotions and nursing: Is it okay to cry on the job?

Emotions and nursing

How to deal with overcrowded hospitals and long wait times

Coping with long waits and overcrowding

Advice to help nurses recover after making a mistake.

Overcoming mistakes

Sean Dent offers some great advice for dealing with bullying in nursing.

5 ways to deal with nurse bullying

What would YOU change about nursing?

“The one thing I’d change in nursing…”

These kids are awesome!

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You should all know this one rule!

This is the most important rule in nursing

What's your most memorable patient story?

What’s your most memorable patient story?

Every one makes mistakes. Here's what Katie Duke has to say about how you can overcome them!

Advice to help nurses recover after making a mistake on the job