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Videos Nurses Love

A collection of videos just for nurses! These videos will make you laugh, cry and smile!

Videos Nurses Love

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Sean Dent has some advice to help you live the nurse life with far less stress

A more constructive approach to work stress

Proof that nurses are a special breed

A student nurse’s inspirational story

In this clip, Sean Dent shares what he felt was the hardest part of nursing.

Nursing school: I have to remember ALL of this?

Emotions and nursing: Is it okay to cry on the job?

Emotions and nursing

How to deal with overcrowded hospitals and long wait times

Coping with long waits and overcrowding

Advice to help nurses recover after making a mistake.

Overcoming mistakes

Sean Dent offers some great advice for dealing with bullying in nursing.

5 ways to deal with nurse bullying

What would YOU change about nursing?

“The one thing I’d change in nursing…”

You should all know this one rule!

This is the most important rule in nursing

What's your most memorable patient story?

What’s your most memorable patient story?

Every one makes mistakes. Here's what Katie Duke has to say about how you can overcome them!

Advice to help nurses recover after making a mistake on the job

It takes a lot to pursue an advanced degree while working as an ER nurse. In this video, Katie Duke opens up about the steps she took to stay ahead while in school.

6 study tips to help nursing students thrive in school

In a perfect world, nursing jobs would fall freely from the sky like raindrops into the hands of recent graduates. For those of us in the real world, it’s not that easy...but Katie Duke has some tips to help you out!

Advice for nurses interested in relocating

Who knew nursing school could be this fun!?

Video: “Nursing Process” dance

Here's some great advice from Sean Dent to help you stay calm when dealing with difficult patients. Do you have any helpful advice to share?

Tips to help nurses treat difficult patients

In this video, Katie Duke shares some tips to help nurses deal with bullying.

Tips to help nurses deal with bullying

This song's kind of hard to get out of your head!

WATCH: A rap video on the importance of hand hygiene

In this emotional ScrubsBeat video, Katie Duke discusses how the death of one of her patients impacted her.

How to deal with the death of a patient

What do you do when a patient's family member is interfering with your job? Take a listen to what Sean Dent has to say on this topic!

Tips for dealing with difficult patient family members

Check out this moving video of Nina, the 26-year-old nurse who contracted Ebola, exchanging a few words with her caretakers.

Is it time to do away with the phrase "male nurse"? Katie Duke thinks so!

Is it time to stop using the phrase “male nurse”?

We just had to share this heart-warming video with you all. Apologies in advance for any tears it causes!

WATCH: These pediatric cancer patients are “Truly Brave”
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Thinking about asking out one of your coworkers? See if you still have that urge after watching Sean Dent's latest ScrubsBeat video!

The ups and downs of dating a coworker