melted crayon art!

How to Make Melted Crayon Art. Melted crayon art is an easy and fun thing to do for those artistic adventurers out there. It's so simple, yet the end result can be stunning. No wonder the trend is all the rage! You can make melted crayon.

Pointe Training shoes

// NIKE ARC ANGELS (Pointe shoe training) what the heck? Where were these when I needed them? I mean Nike point shoes! How awesome it that?

The best feeling in the world= standing on the side of the stage with the low lights on about to go on and perform your heart out like its the last time you'll every dance. The nerves, the emotions, the last minute panic attack. The feel that you're right wear God wants you to be.

The feeling of standing behind the curtains, feeling the warmth of the stage lights, the rush of adrenalin through your body, the tightness of your leotard and tutu, and the stiffness of your pointe shoes.

Dance quote :)it also makes you feel free out on that dance floor & it never matters who is watchin I would rather they come join me

Dance is a sport people. Every dancer says that dance is a sport. But if you are not a dancer you would say that dance is not a sport. I am a dancer so I consider dance as a sport.


Super cute, this actually takes a lot of flexibility and strength to hold en pointe.Wonder what it would look like with a platform tutu


Aloft - acrobatic dance moves captured in minimalist black and white by Christopher Peddecord. Christopher Peddecord is a former professional dancer, short

While we are still here...we should DANCE! Now is the time. You can dance...AGAIN! :)

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance! Let's dance

ugh. dancing photos are the best

Courtney a movement picture by photographer Christopher Peddecord. Related to: photos ,Black & White ,Nikon ,movement ,dance

Oh so beautiful

Ballet Silhouette arabesque position with long Romantic style tutu - an iconic picture

yupp. been there, done that. sooo many times. haha

I have never seen people look at me so crazely more than the time that I went walking through the streets dressed as a giant frog.


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