Making these!! -- This is seriously the easiest tutorial to follow: simple language, lots of pictures, very few steps. LOVE.

t-shirt fabric flower. A way to use that leftover material from the t-shirt dresses I'm making.make a matching flower for their hair!

how to avoid pipe insulation wreath kink! Good to know now that Ive already kinked one! lol

How to avoid DIY pipe insulation wreath kink. SO glad she shared this! Simply roll the pipe insulation over on itself to make the inside diameter of the wreath smaller than the outside.

Bow Holder Frame-I'm gonna need a BIGGER frame....

Baby Shower Activity (assuming the baby is a girl. lol) - A Hair Clip/Bow Making Station where there are supplies/embellishments for everyone to make a hair clip/bow for the baby. baby,baby shower,Crafts and Ideas,Crafty

Ruffly White Wreath-made from sheets

made with old white bed sheets. LOVE IT! Got some sheets ready to use NOW! would tea stain the white sheets in order to have more of a country chic feel, but beautiful

Easy bows

How to make bows: this is the easiest way I have found and they are by far the most beautiful and full. How to make bows: this is the easiest way I have found and they are by far the most beautiful and full.

Hairbow Holders

How to make a hairbow holder

Free Tutu Hairbow Holder Tutorial, step by step free instructions to create a beautiful tutu bowholder for your princess. Step how to make tutu skirt


circle wreath, hangers for ears and tie ribbon, tulle and fabric strips on to make a bunny! - with tulle?


want to make for my nieces - strawberry ribbon hair clip with alligator clips

More ideas
Lots of YW Personal Progress ideas! I want to make these flowers!

Fabric flower inspiration

Little Birdie Secrets: fabric rosette tutorial extravaganza! Just bought some of these to make hair clips for ganddaughters, with an easy tutorial like this I can now make them myself!

How to make the perfect bow, I've never seen this technique. Super easy!

I have never made them like this but you might like this technique. How to make the perfect bow, Super easy.

lots of fabric flower tutorials!

lots of fabric flower tutorials!

T-Shirt Flowers:: LOVE!!! Add to pillows, t-shirts, scarves, bags, jeans... diy-t-shirt-projects

Flower rosettes from t-shirts -- Cut a strip of t-shirt fabric, stitch lengthwise down the center of the strip, gather, fold in half lengthwise, and roll it up. Glob a bunch of glue on the back and stick it on a circle of fabric.

Gift Wrapping with Flowers - Tip Junkie  Tulle layered with color. Actual how do in this blog (several clicks in)

Greedy For Colour: Tissue Paper and Tulle Flower Tutorial. // Similar to other tissue paper flower tute, only with string instead of wire and with an optional tulle centre.

40 Fabulous Tutorials for Hair Bows and Flowers

17 Fabulous Hair Bow and Flower Tutorials

40 Fabulous Hair Bow & Flower Tutorials I've made so many of these there super easy diy-crafts-ideas

Hair bow instruction - Bing Images

How to tie this awesome bow as well as many, many others. beautiful bows, making bows, how to make bows, tie bows.