山口 真一

山口 真一

山口 真一
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Ulysses butterfly - Papilio ulysses

Amazing butterflies Ulysses butterfly - Papilio ulysses Lacewing butterflies Two Beauties In a Perfect World

兩足院の半夏生 | Saururus chinensis in full bloom in Ryosoku-in tem… | Flickr

Saururus chinensis in full bloom in Ryosoku-in temple. Most of the white color comes from the leaves which turn white when the actual flowers bloom. More pictures of Kyoto (京都) and Ryōsoku-in (兩足院).

Backyard Water Feature

backyard water feature, outdoor living, ponds water features, Complete and ready for additional planting

A beautiful ending to a quiet stream as it flows into a small pool

What I want in the backyard: Add a pond to the garden and get the benefit of sound, movement, wildlife and serenity!

traditional pond and waterfall landscape

Alderwood Landscape - contemporary - Landscape - Seattle - Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction

how to design & build a landscape waterfall

How to Build a Pond Stream Waterfall. A waterfall is an attractive feature that adds sound to your garden. Visitors to a garden with a rushing waterfall can't help but be drawn to the feature thanks to the sound dimension, which creates .

Stream running through backyard garden

Stream running through backyard garden - rock bed channels for swale flood control