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Middle School Art

Middle School Art

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Radial design then cut into 4ths and glue to white paper. Cool! (Don Masse lesson)

shine brite zamorano: we'll keep on biggering and biggering...

Drawing inspired by Futurism: moving subjects

Drawing inspired by Futurism: moving subjects

Op ARt lesson- movement depth and color contrast

Art with Ms. Gram: Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)

Art with Ms. Gram: Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)

Wonkyworld: Cinco de Mayo Have each student create a quarter of a circle to create the large work.

Wonkyworld: Cinco de Mayo

Unity - Crayons. This project was all about unity. 7th grades projects focus on an art principle. Here the kids had a unified subject, medium, technique, and substrate. What a great way to understand this concept. The kids all used a tracer (template?) - created via

Mini Matisse: Unity- Crayons

Oil Pastel Print-Images were copied from books and cray-pas or oil pastels were applied (thick) to the back of the image. With a ballpoint pen, students focus on contour line, detail, value changes, and shading.

Name That Art---Each student started the project by drawing a bold and page-filling design of their name. Each name was then divided into 16 squares, and cut apart. The name instantly became 16 tiny abstract designs featuring positive and negative space.

Digication e-Portfolio :: Betsy Morningstar :: 7th Grade Artwork

Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background...To grow an idea off of this one, you could take an image, split it up into a grid, give each part of the grid to a student, draw out the outline and draw appropriate tangle within each part of the grid that matches the value of the picture

Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background

Art Mash - Symbolic Self-Portraits

Newspaper Skyline-cool project!

50 Incredible Middle School Art Lessons from The Art Teacher on (51 pages)

50 Incredible Middle School Art Lessons from The Art Teacher on (51 pages)

artisan des arts: Hand dyed paper with silhouettes - grade 5/6

Op Art Letters

O'Keefe using viewfinder

we heart art: o'keeffe beginnings

8th grade lesson

Search results for sonia delaunay

"Dreaming out Loud" by Donna Heart. I like this as inspiration for a collaborative class project. Create painted papers, cut and mount on a large canvas.

Ribbons & Pattern Lesson. 6th grade

Students first create a word with tag board. Then they draw in and add values.

New take on Notan...4 squares instead of 1.


newspaper art ideas - newspaper wall art’

Math, Geometry & Art. This site provides links to a very large number of sites for teaching students how to make origami forms, tessellating shapes, cubes, pyramids, prisms, polyhedra, tetrahedra, rhombic dodecahedra, icosahedron globes, geodesic domes & buckyballs. Incredible site . . . making math an art & art mathematical.

sinnenrausch: DIY origami star