I commend this parent: What a fantastic idea!!!  ''What I love is that each morning, Charlotte and Amelia rush to their envelopes to see what we've written. The notes are sometimes a simple observation of a charitable act or a quick drawing to make them laugh. I love that Charles and I force ourselves to take a minute each evening to think about why we love our children. It's my version of Oprah's gratitude journal.

Sweet "Love Notes" Envelopes for the back of their chairs. For Valentine's Day or for everyday to leave family love notes! I love finding new ways to do that :)

so cute for Father's Day!

Fathers Day Last Minute Printable Gift - DIY Child's Handprint Tree - Printable pdf - Kid's craft project - Tree Art Project

For the sprite when the time comes

A little note from the tooth fairy. so cute. my mom didn't have the envelope, but she wrote (in extremely small letters) a note from the tooth fairy. it was so cool to find as a kid.

It's called the ransom rubbage box.  If you leave your stuff out after 1 warning, mom puts it inside this box and you can't get it back until you draw a job from the envelope- and do it!

This is a brilliant idea. Kids leave junk out when you tell them to put it away, it goes into Mom's Ransom Rubbage Box. The kids has to draw a job from the envelope to get the item back.

72 Hour Kits Ideas and List of item to buy/pack

Six Sisters' Stuff: Emergency Survival 72 Hour Kits good idea to take on long hikes because you never know! Idea for homless backpacks.

Fun idea: If you don't pick something up after one warning, this mom confiscates it and puts it in a "ransom box." The only way you can get it back is to draw a task from the envelope attached to the box lid. Her tasks are hilarious!

I am in LOVE with this idea! Kids leave stuff laying around - mom puts item in Ransom Rubbage box - kid has to draw out a task and do it to get item back. - I don't have kids.

The Groom typed twenty things he loved about his Bride. She typed 20 things she loved about him and they displayed them at the reception...would be great to hang around the house afterward, too! // I could definitely see us incorporating this somehow.

The Groom typed 20 things he loved about his Bride. She typed 20 things she loved about him. They displayed them at the reception. Frame it after & hang in the house!