Cat's Resume

Cat's Resume by fablefire

Cat's Resume - I can do all of those things.ok you got me, I'm not a ninja.

Even cats recognize that CISPA goes too far

Funny & Cute Cats Look Funny While Using Laptop, Check Out Funny Cats Pictures, Images & Photos Using Laptop.

when you're a jet...@metalicious will get this#cats #funny

if we had thumbs, we would be snapping ---- cats imitating West Side Story's Sharks and Jets

As I suspected.

I blame this cat for the files that evaporated from my directory on the server. Hear that tech support cat? I BLAME YOU!

It's National Draw-A-Cat Day

Cat quote "One day things will get better. Until then, here is a drawing of a cat.

Purrfectly clear.

I have a long, abiding love for the Mutts comics, & this is a good example of why I've loved these guys for so many years

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