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Alphabet Squish

alphabet squish. make "clouds" out of shaving cream and elmers glue. let dry add stickers and wala! I bet kids would love squishing artic or sight words too!


Alphabet Squish - I Can Teach My Child!

Cut & Paste Alphabet-Book - This is such a fun way for Preschool and Kindergarten age kids to learn about letters, how to form them, practice making them, and identifying the sounds at the beginning of words! Kids just love making their own books!


Cut and Paste Alphabet Book with Writing Practice

First Grade Essentials and What I Have Learned in my 15 Years as a First Grade Teacher | Erica's Ed-Ventures

MAke board then each week that we start a new letter have kids pick pictures out of a variety.... each child pin up a picture that goes with the letter sound.... Coyne's Crazy Fun Preschool Classroom: language activity


Coyne's Crazy Fun Preschool Classroom: language activity

Make an alphabet book with your little ones by cutting out pics from magazines and having them pick which pages they go on. Great use for old magazines you haven't thrown out yet!

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FREE Alphabet Worksheets A to Z Activity Pages

Alphabet Worksheets - FREE A to Z Activity Pages | These alphabet worksheets are a great independent activity for kids who can recognize letter names. If your child is not ready for these, doing the worksheets together is a great option. Just be sure to follow your child’s lead. Not all children will be drawn to these kinds of activities. | This Reading Mama

FREE Alphabet Worksheets A to Z Activity Pages

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Kindergarten RTI for Letter Identification

Letter Identification: Letter Identification Activities - Letter Recognition - Kindergarten RTI - Letter identification is a tough skill to master for some students. When I taught Response to Intervention (RTI) groups, I developed materials to help my students master letter identification, letter-sound correspondence, and sight word recognition skills.

Letter Identification