LEGO Building Instructions for R2-D2 and C3PO! How to build these characters with pieces you already have. Great LEGO club challenge!

LEGO Star Wars C3PO Building Instructions - Frugal Fun For Boys

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Elementary school kids need to play games. They need to play games because games reinforce math and reading concepts, reasoning and analytical skills, and good sportsmanship. Not to mention ...

The Best Games for Elementary School Kids

Clobber the Clutter with Kids

How to Build LEGO Cats

LEGO Cats! Building Instructions - Frugal Fun For Boys

Must remember this!

The Most Amazing Parenting Tactic Ever


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website with all of the lego directions

Old LEGO® Instructions |

Going to need these boots!!!

Pillow Thought: my Fall Favorites

Waterfall braid tutorial

Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn: Water Fall Braids.

Preschool Conversation Starters

6 Quick Preschool Conversation Starters - Love and Marriage

Print out and keep on your fridge--an easy way to help you keep your kids safe

How to Keep Kids Safe -

25 Ways to ask your kids how was school

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was School Today

The new OneDay App makes video journaling simple- they provide the questions, you record the answers, and within minutes they turn it into a sweet video that you will cherish forever. This is the perfect app for busy parents who want to document those little things.

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Ikea Side Table to Lego Table

The Adventures of Mr. No: Ikea Side Table to Lego Table

DIY Portable LEGO Kit with Free Printable Activity Cards. A great idea for those times where you have to wait (Doctor's office, restaurant) or when you are traveling (great in the car or on a plane)! From Fun at Home with Kids

DIY Portable LEGO Kit with Free Printable Activity Cards

teddy bear toast kids healthy breakfast

Teddy Bear Toast (Healthy Kid's Breakfast Idea) - Sassy Dealz

All About My Dad and Grandpa Free Printable Blank one included!

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lets draw a bird

DRAW A BIRD! | Draw with Rich

Cutest little lady, aka my neice Kennedy! Came up when searching for little girl hairstyles.

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Printable PDF building examples/instructions for Legos and Duplos!

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Outside Activity Cube. (Use a big cardboard box—turn inside out to hide any printing and write right on the cardboard.)

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For kids to put in pockets in big crowds. iPhone app to track them if you get separated.

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Salt Sock: The BEST Natural Relief for Ear Infections - They are super easy to make, super cheap and you will be amazed at how well they work! hmmmm....

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