Lee Jae-Hyo

I want this chair! Reminds me of a wooden bean bag chair. Pine and Chestnut Chair by Lee Jae-Hyo. A biomorphic chair made of sculpted wood logs. mocoloco via DesignDaysDubai.


This is the fantastic range of Art Egg and Ball Chairs by Le Mans based Racing and Emotion Design. Very attractive furniture allowed enthusiasts to express

It's tough not to be impressed with Netherlands-based designer Robert van Embricqs' "Rising" series of furniture, comprised of a stool, chair and table:

Innovative wooden chair construct - a whole knew meaning to the term "flat-packed" // Van Embricqs, The Rising Chair

Sustainable bench

Simple idea for quick but chunky tree trunk benches, by Maandag Meubels.

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Samsung vs Apple

Samsung VS Apple Mobile War_Comparing the performance of the two smartphone giants

The Paradoxes Of Living In A Big City – Shin Noguchi

The Paradoxes Of Living In A Big City

Life in a bustling metropolis may sometimes evoke a feeling of alienation and being alone in a crowd. Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi captured just that by shooting the people on the streets of …

Andrew Maynard Architects - Hill House

Australian architect Andrew Maynard completed the design for a modern home extension, entitled Hill House and located near Melbourne. The project sits on n artificial hill and was built for a family of five.

glas italia fiction mirror by jean-marie massaud

The unique Fiction Mirrors are made from thin glass with a fading coating of reflective silvering. Each mirror& glass fades from reflective to transparent! Fiction Mirrors were designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and are manufactured by Glas Italia.

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