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There are in fact occasions where I wear weather appropriate clothing (rare) : jumper is from I found it searching pink jumper (original I know but I saw it on asos just as it sold out) I have it linked on my page in the bio đź’•

love this. It reminds me of my grandmother, one of her biggest dreams was to own a log cabin big enough for all of her grandkids to have a room!!!! I miss her everyday!!!! Jemma Jones///

OH MY GOSH. This might just be the perfect cabin/forest/pine trees tattoo EVER. I'll add it to the list.

Space, the final frontier…. OK, don’t worry, this isn’t a list of Star Trek tattoos, we’re not quite that nerdy. That being said, Captain Kirk had a point when he opened the program with that monologue; space really is the last... [ read more ]

Cannot help but be amazed at this tattoo! The imagery of the little girl swinging from outer space while gazing at the earth below. By Ryan Flaherty